Monkeys! Monkeys! Monkeys! On the Island of Nevis

Green Vervet Monkeys Nevis

  Tourists love them. Residents hate them.  They are pests – – cute, furry-faced, little pests.  Green vervet monkeys are known for entertaining tourists, but also for their destruction, causing islanders to ponder the best way to preserve one of Nevis’s biggest attractions, while at the same time protecting their island’s ability to prosper. Green vervet monkeys are believed to…Read More

Catamaran Sail on Caona, St. Kitts and Nevis

It’s time to get out on the water aboard Caona, a 47-foot catamaran in the Leeward Islands Charters fleet.  At the helm was our captain, Lennox Wallace, and our destination was Shitten Bay, a cove off the southwestern coast of St. Kitts. Caona is moored in Nevis, and the crew and boat met us at the Four Seasons dock for…Read More

The Place to “Bee!” Sunshine’s, Nevis

Our first stop on our 2011 trip to Nevis was Sunshine’s, a Nevis institution and home to the famous “Killer Bee.”  This trip would be no different, except this time I would avoid the sting that follows consuming three of those delicious rum concoctions.  After a long day of traveling, beginning at 2:00 a.m. Nevis time, there was no question…Read More

Bananas, Nevis

Perched high above the Hamilton Estate, you will find a gem of a restaurant with gorgeous views, comfortable surroundings and fabulous food. Welcome to Bananas! I have to admit, on our first trip up to Bananas, we thought we had missed it and turned around to go back down the island.  We then saw another sign telling us that we…Read More

Sewing Neoprene Tripod Leg Covers

I was listening to a podcast recently and heard that some of the most expensive repairs are the result of sand getting into your gear.  Traveling to the Caribbean, I am familiar with the fact that sand gets everywhere.  I have learned not to change lenses at the beach, and am careful in cleaning lenses afterwards so as not to…Read More

Travel with Prime Lenses

An important part of traveling for me is not only relaxing in some of the mostbeautiful places in the world, but also taking time for my primary hobby, photography.  But I was stuck in a rut.  I found myself shooting the same thing over and over again.   My Canon 24-70mm/f 2.8 lens was on the front of my camera most…Read More

Back from Nevis

just back from Nevis

We’re back from a week in Nevis!  We stayed at the AAA 5-Diamond Four Seasons Nevis, visited our favorite beach bars, searched out monkeys, and snorkeled with turtles, rays, squid, and loads of tropical fish.  Get started on our posts below!   All words and images ©2006-2018 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information,…Read More

Video Glimpse of Tortuga Bay

Enjoy this short video glimpse of Tortuga Bay!  This AAA 5-diamond resort lies on the southeastern shore of the Dominican Republic.  They take service very seriously here, worthy of every diamond. Take a quick tour of the resort from the two-bedroom oceanfront suite to the white sand beach.  Enjoy! For more on Tortuga Bay and the Puntacana Resort & Club,…Read More