YU Lounge – St. Kitts

This trip to Nevis, we checked out the new YU Lounge at the airport in St. Kitts.  YU Lounge has locations in St. Kitts and Mauritius, providing VIP transfers to and from the airport.  However, in St. Kitts, you can only use the services on the front end of your trip.  Due to some regulations, they cannot offer you services on…Read More

Turtle Time, Nevis

Turtle Time Nevis

In the six years since we were last in Nevis, there have been a few changes.  The biggest is the development of the beach bars just to the south of the Four Seasons Nevis.  Back in 2011, there were basically three bars, Sunshine’s, Double Deuce, and Chevy’s.  The area where those bars were located has really developed into a hot spot…Read More

The Gin Trap, Nevis

New since our last trip to Nevis was The Gin Trap bar and restaurant.  Located on the mountain side of the main road in Jones Bay, the restaurant occupies the old Gallipot location. You are first escorted to the bar area, outfitted with leather couches and chairs, so you can get comfortable while making your selections, or if you’re a teenager,…Read More

Cafe des Arts, Nevis

Cafe des Arts Nevis

Just a short walk from the ferry dock in Nevis, you’ll find Cafe des Arts.  Cafe des Arts is a casual cafe, located right next door to the Museum of Nevis History and the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.  Walk along the avenue of flags on the waterfront, and you’ll spot…Read More

Travel with Prime Lenses

An important part of traveling for me is not only relaxing in some of the mostbeautiful places in the world, but also taking time for my primary hobby, photography.  But I was stuck in a rut.  I found myself shooting the same thing over and over again.   My Canon 24-70mm/f 2.8 lens was on the front of my camera most…Read More

Back from Nevis

just back from Nevis

We’re back from a week in Nevis!  We stayed at the AAA 5-Diamond Four Seasons Nevis, visited our favorite beach bars, searched out monkeys, and snorkeled with turtles, rays, squid, and loads of tropical fish.  Get started on our posts below!   All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information,…Read More

Video Glimpse of Tortuga Bay

Enjoy this short video glimpse of Tortuga Bay!  This AAA 5-diamond resort lies on the southeastern shore of the Dominican Republic.  They take service very seriously here, worthy of every diamond. Take a quick tour of the resort from the two-bedroom oceanfront suite to the white sand beach.  Enjoy! For more on Tortuga Bay and the Puntacana Resort & Club,…Read More

Puntacana Village Shops, Restaurants & Market

Welcome to Puntacana Village!  Located on the grounds of the Puntacana Resort & Club, the marketplace includes restaurants and shops in an open-air environment shady by a canopy of beautiful trees.  The distance to the Village from Tortuga Bay is too great for our golf cart battery, so we arranged for a lift. There are a variety of restaurants in…Read More

Taste (and Sip) Tortuga Bay and Puntacana Resort & Club

It’s time for a taste (and sip) of the restaurants and bars at Tortuga Bay, and around the property of Puntacana Resort & Club. Let’s start with the most important meal of the day — breakfast at Bamboo, the restaurant at Tortuga Bay. The breakfast buffet has loads of delicious choices, with tons of fresh fruit, pastries, and even these…Read More

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve – Punta Cana

Punta Cana Ecological Park

Today we head off to Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve (Reserve Ecological Ojos Indigenous), a 1,500 acre private reserve maintained by the Ecological Foundation of Punta Cana. The Foundation maintains the grounds for preservation, recreation, and research. Contained within the grounds of Punta Cana Resort & Club, the park is a quick golf cart ride from Tortuga Bay, midpoint…Read More

Inside a Two-Bedroom Oceanfront Suite at Tortuga Bay

Now that we’ve had a glimpse of Tortuga Bay, let’s take a closer look.  Over the next few posts, we’ll check out our two-bedroom oceanfront suite, we’ll walk the beautifully manicured grounds, and then relax oceanside sipping the milk from our freshly-cut coconut. We’ll check out the restaurants on the grounds, and share our favorite afternoon snacks.  We’ll take a trip…Read More

Short on Time, Long on Luxury: Tortuga Bay, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Tortuga Bay

When our kids were young, we had no problem taking them out of school for a week or more to take a trip to the Caribbean.  That changed when our oldest went off to college, and our traditional Thanksgiving vacation was not possible.  Our daughter had only a few days off from classes for the Thanksgiving holiday, so we skipped…Read More

NATJA 2016 Awards for Excellence in Travel Journalism

NATJA Awards Excellence Travel Journalism

Sometimes you have to jump right in, even when you may not think you are experienced enough or talented enough.  It was back in 2011 that my husband convinced me to enter the Caribbean Travel + Life Photo Contest, and it turned out that I won the grand prize.  But that competition was primarily for amateurs.  I was eager to…Read More

“Taking Better Travel Photos” – UPDATED for 2017!

Four years ago, I wrote “Taking Better Travel Photos” to provide helpful tips to improve your travel photography no matter what gear you use.  I am excited to announce that I recently updated the book, including information on rules of composition, and providing additional information on “hot spots” for great photographs throughout the Caribbean. Some people say the rules are…Read More

Kamalame Cares: Help for Andros After Hurricane Matthew

Kamalame Cares

There’s an old rhyme about hurricane season in the Caribbean: “June too soon, July stand by, August come it must, September remember, and October all over . . .”  Unfortunately, this year, October was not “all over” as Hurricane Matthew slowly crept through the Caribbean and up the coast of the United States. After nearly two weeks, it left over 1,000 dead, along with…Read More

A Visit to Androsia Batik

Androsia Batik

Since the time I started planning a trip to Andros, I knew I wanted to visit Androsia Batik.  We had previously ordered from their online store, and picked up some items on a trip to Eleuthera, but I really wanted to see where and how it was made.  Courtesy of our taxi driver, Mr. Pinder, it was a short drive…Read More

Blue Holes of Andros, Bahamas

Andros Bahamas Blue Hole

You don’t go to Andros, Bahamas for the night life or casinos or shopping.  You go because of its natural beauty, the beaches, the wildlife, the wetlands, and the third largest barrier reef in the world. If you like to explore the natural environment, Andros is for you. One of the most interesting natural features of Andros are its blue…Read More

Understated Elegance at Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay

“I’ve never been to a place where the palm fronds clack together,” my husband said while sitting back in his beach chair facing the calm of Kamalame Cay.  Coconut palms surrounded our chairs on what seemed to be our own personal beach.  “You have,” I replied.  “You have just never heard them before.”  We have been to quite a few…Read More

How to Get to Andros, Bahamas

When people ask where we’re headed for vacation, it often prompts two questions: (1) How did you hear of that place? and (2) How do you get there?  The first question is easy to answer.  I am an avid reader of all things Caribbean.  I love to search out new places and go to those places which are a little…Read More

Travel to the Caribbean During Hurricane Season

Many people rule out a Caribbean vacation during the summer because they don’t want to travel during hurricane season.  Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and runs through November 30.  Every trip featured here on My Irie Time was taken either the beginning or end of hurricane season, and you would never know it by browsing through our photos.  Travel…Read More

“The Bay of Piglets” – When the British Invaded Anguilla

If you have been to Anguilla and relaxed on one of its many peaceful beaches, it is difficult to imagine the thought of a large-scale military operation invading the island, yet that is what happened on March 19, 1969.  Yesterday marked the 47th anniversary of the British invasion of the island, “Operation Sheepskin,” intended to put down the rebellion that…Read More

Holiday Traditions

Wendy G. Gunderson

It’s the fourth week in November and I’m not wearing a bikini.  Or donning flip flops, or slathering on the sunscreen. In Wisconsin, that would be expected for this time of year, but for us, it’s a bit unusual.  It has been ten years since we haven’t traveled to the Caribbean at Thanksgiving.  With our oldest now in college, her free…Read More

Happy National Rum Punch Day! Top 10 Caribbean Rum Punches

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

  What better way to celebrate National Rum Punch Day than a countdown of the best rum punches that the islands have to offer!  From the “sting” of the “Killer Bee” at Sunshine’s on Nevis, to the Sip Sip Rum Punch on Harbour Island Bahamas, to the “Special” Rum Punch at Smokey’s on Anguilla, see which one was our #1.…Read More

Travel For Less With The Anguilla Card

Anguilla has the reputation of being a high-end, expensive destination.  No island is a bargain, when you consider the costs of importing goods, but you can ease the load a bit and travel for less with the Anguilla Card.  The “discount card” for the island is the result of the ingenuity and hard work of Nori Evoy, whose website, Anguilla…Read More

Underwater Camera Review: Comparison of Olympus Tough TG-3 and TG-4

Recently, Olympus rolled out the latest version of its Tough camera, the Olympus Tough TG-4. This camera stands out among its competitors for offering RAW capture in an underwater compact camera at a reasonable price. We shot both the predecessor, the Olympus Tough TG-3 (our previous review here), and the new camera, the TG-4, on our recent trip to Antigua…Read More

#filmroadtrip: Road Test – Barbuda & Antigua

Last November, on our first trip with film in eight years (#filmroadtrip: Road Test – Anguilla), we learned a lot of lessons. One of my missions on this trip was to correct at least some of the mistakes I made.  So on this #FilmRoadTrip: Road Test – Barbuda & Antigua, I tweaked a few things, shot more film, and was…Read More

The Spirit of Jumby Bay, Antigua

The folks at Jumby Bay tell us that the resort is named after the Antiguan “jumbee,” a “playful spirit.”  Some reading on the origins of the “jumbee” or “jumbie” tells us that in some of the islands, the jumbee is a vindictive, mischievous spirit, and that you should take precautions, such as placing piles of sands or knotted ropes outside your…Read More

Dining and Cocktails at Jumby Bay, Antigua

It seems too simple to call it “food and drink” at Rosewood’s Jumby Bay, Antigua.  It was like fine dining at every meal, and a wide variety of cocktails at each of the resort bars. Let’s start with breakfast.  Served daily at the Estate House restaurant, you have a variety of choices at the buffet, a menu of breakfast favorites,…Read More

Welcome to Jumby Bay, Antigua!

Welcome to Jumby Bay, Antigua! “Welcome” seems far too common a word to express the greeting you get at Rosewood’s Jumby Bay.  It’s not just a custom upon arrival of guests.  It even goes farther than an expression that they are happy to see you.  At Jumby Bay, it’s like a big hug from your favorite aunt or grandmother, who…Read More

An Afternoon in Codrington, Barbuda

“Look for the propane tanks.”  Those were the directions to Codrington, Barbuda’s only grocery store.  Barbuda was not known for having a lot of signs, probably because everyone already knows where to go.  Codrington is the only settlement on the island, and home to the vast majority of islanders.  It is not “designed for tourists,” and some people may be…Read More

Lighthouse Bay Resort, Barbuda

“Are you going to walk six miles in this direction or six miles in that direction?”  If that’s the toughest question you have on any given day, you are a very lucky person.  There are places in the Caribbean which are undeveloped, and the beauty of the place is the fact that it is untouched, unspoiled by human hands, but it’s not so…Read More

The Natural Beauty of Barbuda

Best of the Caribbean

“Barbuda, the land where time stands still.”  My husband laughed as the airport agent made this comment while checking our passports and boarding passes in the Antigua airport.  In response, the agent replied, “No, I’m serious.  It’s really beautiful there.”  We had hoped that Barbuda would live up to those expectations.  I had read about the 17-mile-long beach, the bird…Read More

How to Get to Barbuda

Barbuda’s miles of beaches remain unspoiled perhaps because it’s not terribly obvious how to get there, and even if you have some information about how to get there, getting ahold of the people you need to contact isn’t always easy.  Having just returned from our trip to Barbuda and Antigua, let me offer our experience in traveling, and fill you…Read More

Just Back from Antigua and Barbuda!

We’re just back from Antigua and Barbuda!  Over the next few weeks, stay tuned for details of our trip, including stays at Barbuda’s Lighthouse Bay Resort, and Rosewood’s Jumby Bay, a private island resort just minutes from Antigua.  We have loads of photos to sort through so check back often!   All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean

Come along for a taste of our favorite dishes from the Caribbean islands.  You’ll be tempted by  the refreshing conch salad of the Turks & Caicos islands, with the conch pulled from the sea right in front of your eyes.  Explore the foodie paradise of the island of Anguilla, with the best chefs of the world preparing everything from escargot…Read More

Earth Day Feature: Green VI Glass Studio, Tortola, BVI

Wendy G. Gunderson

In celebration of Earth Day, we take a trip to the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands for a visit to GreenVI Glass Studio.  GreenVI  is a non-profit organization dedicated to recycling and other green projects in the islands.  GreenVI’s Glass Studio takes used bottles and transforms them into beautiful gifts.  There is a selection of pendants, paperweights, and other…Read More

Postcards from the Islands

I love to collect postcards.  When I travel on business, I stop into local antique stores and take a look around, especially for postcards from the Caribbean.  Many of these cards date back to a time when zip codes weren’t used.  You just wrote the city, or city and state, and your card found its way to the right place.…Read More

Moonsplash: Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, Anguilla

When people describe Anguilla, they often rave about the beaches and the food, but not to be overlooked is the music.  Live music is widely available on the island, and the most famous Anguillan musician has to be Bankie Banx.  Bankie plays regular at his now famous Dune Preserve, but once a year, he hosts “Moonsplash,” an event bringing in…Read More

Back to the Beach: Dune Jewelry

When we return from our trips from the Caribbean, we carry with us many great memories, loads of photographs, and oftentimes, a few grains of sand from the beaches we visit.  Fall in love with the island all over again by transforming that bottle of beach sand into a beautiful piece of jewelry you can carry with you forever.  Head…Read More

Family Travel: How to Pick the Perfect Caribbean Hotel

Best Caribbean Resort

When we look toward traveling to a new island, one of the first choices we make is the hotel, and picking the perfect hotel for your family is no easy task.  Picking the perfect resort, villa, or hotel requires research and consideration of what you need, and more importantly, what you don’t need, to make your vacation a happy one.…Read More

Sunday is Beach Day! Our Favorite Caribbean Beaches

Best Caribbean Beaches

Sunday is beach day!  Pull on your suit, grab your sunscreen, and join us in strolling along our favorite Caribbean beaches!  Click an image for more information: All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries via the Contact page.  

Anguilla Trip Report: November-December 2014

All the film is back from the lab, all the digital images processed, and even our bags are unpacked (even the camera bag!), and our 2014 Anguilla Trip Report is complete. This year we visited many old friends, and made many new.  It remains our favorite island in the Caribbean and every day I wish I was still there. Walk…Read More

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

There are a lot of lists of the best beaches in the Caribbean and the best beaches in Anguilla.  When it comes to Anguilla, you usually hear about Shoal Bay, and don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful beach.  So is Meads Bay, and Cove Bay, and Maunday’s Bay.  I could keep going, but my favorite beach on the island…Read More

Cha Cha San, Anguilla

Cha Cha San, Anguilla

It was our first night on the island, and we were headed to Picante to catch some margaritas and Mexican food.  The only problem?  Picante is closed on Tuesdays.  A new plan is needed.  We start driving east, trying to think where to go.  Driving along, just as we were passing Dungeon Gym, over on the south side of the…Read More

Irie Life, Anguilla

Irie Life, Anguilla

We don’t shop much on vacation, but we do like to pick up a few gifts and some t-shirts to add to our collection.  Our favorite place for t-shirts on Anguilla is Irie Life. Irie Life has two locations, one on Back Street in South Hill, and one in Sandy Ground.  We always go to the one in South Hill.…Read More

SandBar, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

When we last visited Anguilla in 2010, we quickly became fans of SandBar, a beachside tapas restaurant in Sandy Ground. It quickly became one of our favorite beach bars.   Since our last visit, the restaurant was sold to Darren and Alicia Banks, and I feared that one of my favorite restaurants would become merely a memory.  I was thrilled…Read More

Take Me Back to the CuisinArt Resort, Anguilla

CuisinArt Resort, Anguilla

Coming back to The CuisinArt was like coming home again.  We stayed here on our very first trip to Anguilla in 2007.  I still remember the doorman calling to us as we ventured out for our first bit of driving on the island, “Left is right, right is wrong!” It’s a family-friendly resort that’s not too stuffy and not at…Read More

Limin’ Boutique, Anguilla

Limin' Boutique, Anguilla

Looking for beautiful, unique gifts for the people back home?  Be sure to stop into Limin’ Boutique, located on the northside of the main road, just east of the turnoff to Smokey’s on Anguilla’s west end. Looking for beautiful, unique gifts for the people back home?  Be sure to stop into Limin’ Boutique, located on the northside of the main…Read More

Sunday Afternoon at da’Vida, Anguilla

Omari Banks Eleven at DaVida, Anguilla

Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to visit da’Vida, located on Crocus Bay in Anguilla.  The restaurant always had a great reputation, but we never found our way there on previous visits.   After this visit, I look forward to visiting again. We weren’t alone.  Sunday afternoon seemed to be the time, and da’Vida seemed to be the place.  The…Read More

Saturdays are for Smokey’s, Anguilla

Smokey's at the Cove, Anguilla

One constant has remained for every trip to Anguilla – – Saturdays are for Smokey’s.  I remember our first trip to the island in 2007.  I heard there was live music at Smokey’s for lunch on Saturday, so I was determined to make it there on our first full day on the island.  We walked there from the CuisinArt (you…Read More

Take Me Back to The Dune: Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, Anguilla

Best Caribbean Beach Bars

A trip to Anguilla is not complete without a stop at Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve. We first visited in 2007, and although our kids were young, ages 8 and 10, we forced them to stay up late so we could hear Bankie play. The place has such a relaxed feel to it, that it’s hard to pass up.  It’s kind…Read More

Top Ten Irie Moments of 2014

We travel over Thanksgiving and every year give thanks for all we have.  We find ourselves doing the same at the year’s end.  We are thankful for the wonderful people we have met and the great adventures we have had together.  Join us for our New Year’s Eve countdown of our top ten irie moments of 2014! #10  Learning New…Read More

Más Picante, Por Favor! Picante Caribbean Taqueria, Anguilla

Picante, Anguilla

We make a habit of visiting Picante on every visit to Anguilla, oftentimes twice each trip, and this trip was no exception.  If anything has changed since our last visit in 2010, it wasn’t the quality of the food or the friendly service.  Picante never disappoints. The margaritas are as I remembered them, just boozy enough, but not so much…Read More

Blanchard’s Beach Shack, Anguilla

Blanchard’s Beach Shack is a new addition to Meads Bay since our last visit in 2010. Blanchard’s flagship restaurant was well-known to us.  When I planned our first trip to Anguilla, I read “A Trip to the Beach” several times, and was familiar with the family’s journey to opening one of the best-known restaurants on the island.  The Beach Shack…Read More

#filmroadtrip: Road Test – Anguilla

We took the film on the road and the results are back.  We took the film cameras to Anguilla, the Canon 1V and the Mamiya Pro TL.  We took a variety of film stocks, Fuji 400H, Kodak Portra 400, Porta 160, and Ektar 100.  We experimented and burned a lot of film.  Many lessons were learned.  Here are my impressions…Read More

A Great Time to Be On Anguilla: Video Release of Omari Banks’ “No Point to Prove”

Fortune smiled upon us as we happened to be on Anguilla at the same time as the video release of Omari Banks’ new single “No Point to Prove,” featuring Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage. If you’ve been to Anguilla, you no doubt know Omari Banks.  He is the son of Bankie Banx, an Anguillan legend, and it’s clear that the…Read More

Just Back from Anguilla!

We’re back from a very restful stay at the CuisinArt Resort on the beautiful island of Anguilla.  This was our fourth trip to the island, and our second stay at the CuisinArt.  The resort is located on Rendezvous Bay with views of Ste. Maarten/St. Martin in the distance.  This two-mile stretch of beach is great for beach walkers, and those…Read More

Our Best of the Caribbean

Best Caribbean

After traveling around the Caribbean for a few years, we are regularly asked about what is the best resort, best beach, best restaurant, etc.  We have a long way to go in our travels through the islands, but these places have impressed us over the years.  Enjoy this list of “our best” of the Caribbean, from the best rum punch,…Read More

Under The Sea: Review of Ewa-Marine UB100 Underwater Housing

The crystal clear water in the Caribbean begs you to explore below the surface.  Whether you are a diver, a snorkeler, or just like to get your feet wet, there is a desire to capture the beauty of what we see below the surface.  I took diving certification class, and although I was a wiz at the classroom work, due…Read More

CoPA 9th Annual Members’ Exhibition

Join us for the 9th Annual Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA) Members’ Exhibition!  CoPA is an organization of photographers, ranging from long-time professionals to novice hobbyists.  Founded in 2004, the organization’s mission is to “develop appreciation, promote growth and support the creation of photographic arts in the Greater Milwaukee Region.”  The group hosts monthly meetings, oftentimes featuring guest speakers, to…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Sands, Bahamas

It’s National Beer Day here in the United States, the day we celebrate the Cullen-Harrison Act, signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which went into effect on April 7, 1933.  The Cullen-Harrison Act legalized the sale of 3.2% beer and wine, which had been prohibited by the 1919 Volstead Act.  Subsequently, Congress passed the Blaine Act, which enacted…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Goombay Smash, Bahamas

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

Welcome back to Eleuthera, as “Spirits of the Caribbean” enjoys a Goombay Smash at Tippy’s.  Made from a mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut rum, this refreshing cocktail will remind you you’re in the islands.  Said to be the national drink of the Bahamas, the Goombay Smash was created by Miss Emily of Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar,…Read More

Travel Light: Review of the Westcott Rapid Box 26″ Softbox

Traveling light is becoming a priority for me with my camera gear, particularly once you realize how much difference good equipment makes to an image.  With the Westcott Rapid Box Softbox, I was able to get the best of both worlds: a soft fill light for portraits which is lightweight and easy to carry. First, a bit about the need…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Stone Crab Claws – Eleuthera, Bahamas

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

Today’s “Taste of the Caribbean” takes us to the Bahamas, specifically to the island of Eleuthera, for a helping of stone crab claws from Tippy’s, located on Banks Road in Governor’s Harbour.  Stone  crabs regrow their claws, whether they are lost in battle or harvested by fishermen, so long as the joint which linked the claw to the body is…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Spicy Conch Chili, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Taste of the Caribbean takes us to Harbour Island in the Bahamas, a short 10-minute boat ride from the northern end of Eleuthera.  This island known best for the famous Pink Sand Beach on its eastern shore, is also home to some fantastic restaurants, including Sip Sip, known for cocktails and gossip, “sip sip,” but also for delicious food by…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Rum Bubba, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas

The Rum Bubba is a Friday Night tradition in the town of Governor’s Harbour in central Eleuthera.  Every Friday night, locals and tourists alike partake of the weekly fish fry and its famous cocktail, the Rum Bubba.  Come with us as we explore all the food and drink offered on the Caribbean’s friendliest island in part six of our Eleuthera…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Sip Sip Rum Punch, Harbour Island, Bahamas

  This “Spirit of the Caribbean” can be found steps away from the famous Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island, Bahamas.  This is the Sip Sip Rum Punch, a perfect blend of pineapple, guava, and passion fruit juices which make this rum punch a winner.  For more on why Sip Sip is one of our Favorite Beach Bars, read more…Read More

Is That Sand Really Pink?

If you read our posts on Eleuthera, you can tell that we loved the pink sand.   I had seen many photos of French Leave Beach and Harbour Island before our visit and some looked a bit unreal – – almost a cotton candy hue.  I suspected that many of these images are the result of a heavy hand on…Read More

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with Brian and Sarah

I have always wanted to go to Carnival in the Caribbean, but we never seemed to be in the islands at the right time.  My friend and photographer, Brian Sprague, and his friend, Sarah, celebrated their birthdays in in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and were kind enough to share their experiences, including Carnival!  For those new to the area, the…Read More

Our Complete Eleuthera Trip Report

Our Eleuthera trip report is now complete!  Click to read! Travel with us as we make our way to and around the island.  Visit our home away from home, the beautiful two-bedroom, Whel-Appointed villa. Enjoy the tapas and seemingly endless cocktails at our favorite beach bar on Eleuthera, The Beach House on French Leave Beach.  Join us as we take a walking…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 6: Local Food and Drink

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

No trip report is complete without talking about the food and drink.  Vacation is not just about the beach and the ocean.  We need to recharge!  We tried a wide variety of local food and drink, from local stands off the side of the road to the pricier restaurants which you read about in the magazines.  Let’s get started! Friday…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 5: Day Trip to Harbour Island a/k/a A Tale of Supermodels and Superheroes

It’s time for a day trip! The fifth part of our Eleuthera trip report takes us on a day trip to another of the islands of the Bahamas, Harbour Island.  Harbour Island, “Briland” to the locals, is located just a mile or two off the coast of Eleuthera.  Although it is only 3-1/2 miles long and 1-1/2 miles wide, the…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 3: Favorite Beach Bars -The Beach House

Even better than finding a great new beach bar is finding a great new beach bar a short walk down the road from the house where you are staying.  The Beach House, located on Banks Road in Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, is just steps from the pink sand of French Leave Beach and offers some of the tastiest food and drink…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 2: Our Home Away From Home – “Whel- Appointed”

We had never rented a house before, so I was a bit apprehensive.  We had learned through years of traveling that we used few of the amenities at the resorts where we stayed, and it seemed silly to pay for tennis courts, swimming pools, and spas, when all we wanted to do was hit the beach.  This year, we decided…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 1: “Eleuthera, It’s Not for Everyone” Because Not Everyone Likes Beautiful, Unspoiled Beaches, Great Food & Friendly People

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

I always wondered about that slogan, “Eleuthera, It’s Not for Everyone.”  Eleuthera has beautiful beaches.  Eleuthera has fresh seafood, lovingly prepared by friendly people, people always interested in if you are enjoying your visit and willing to help you along the way.   There are no big grocery stores or Hertz or Avis rental cars. You shop at local, family-owned…Read More

Just Back from Eleuthera and Harbour Island!

We’re just back from Eleuthera and Harbour Island! This was “our beach” for nine days, the mile-long French Leave Beach! And yes, the sand is pink! Stay tuned for our trip reports coming soon! All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries via the Contact page.  

The Roar of the Lionfish

The Roar of the Lionfish When a species is introduced into a place unknown to it before, the consequences can be devastating.  The coastal United States and Caribbean nations are currently threatened with the invasion of a species of fish which has no predators in the region, other than man, and which may be responsible for wiping out the beautiful…Read More

Looking for Caribbean stock photography?

Barbuda, Antigua & Barbuda

Do you want to license an image for your website or publication?  Looking for stock photography of the Caribbean islands for your project? We would be glad to help! Images are organized by Island and by Category of image, and can also be viewed in any of our travel journal posts and features.  We have images of great beach bars, local food and drink, historic places, flora and fauna, stunning beaches, and island festivals and people.…Read More

New My Irie Time Shop!

 We’ve been working hard the last three months to bring you a new My Irie Time Shop.  With the re-opening of the shop, we have a number of new items to offer which we’re really excited about. (1) DIGITAL PAINTINGS The world of digital photography offers many avenues to explore our creativity.  Through a variety of techniques, we are able…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Picante Margarita, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

Our trips to Anguilla would not be complete without at stop at Picante, and a pitcher, or two, of their delicious margaritas.  For more on why we love Picante, read our report here. For margaritas at home, my favorite recipe comes from north of the border, from Rick Bayless, famous for his restaurants, Topolobampo and Frontera Grill in Chicago.  Rick’s…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Caribbean Punch, Providenciales, TCI

Bay Bistro’s Caribbean Punch is a bit different than most rum punches we’ve enjoyed in the Caribbean.  In addition to fruit juices, in this case, orange and pineapple juices, the Caribbean Punch at Bay Bistro, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, has vodka and peach schnapps.  The result is light and refreshing, and a bit less sweet. If you prefer rum…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Raspberry Chili Cocktail, Virgin Gorda

Wendy G. Gunderson

Included in our trip to Virgin Gorda with Dive BVI was a stop at Coco Maya Restaurant for lunch.  Coco Maya describes itself as an “open concept, beachfront Latin Asian Fusion restaurant with new tasty cocktails and a casual funky vibe.”  It has some of the most interesting combinations I’ve seen both with regard to food and drink.  A perfect example is…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Rum Punch, Salt Mills Cafe, Turks & Caicos Islands

This colorful rum punch comes to us courtesy of the Salt Mills Cafe and Diner, located in the Salt Mills Plaza, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.  I couldn’t help but take a few sips before taking a this photo!  Decorated in bright primary colors, the diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offers vegetarian and gluten free dishes. For more…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Ting with a Zing, Nevis

While visiting the Library Bar at the Four Seasons Nevis, our bartender, Candy, mixed up quite a few cocktails, including this Ting with a Zing, made with CSR, cane sugar rum from St. Kitts, and Ting, a delicious grapefruit soda from Jamaica.  Or is it a “Ting with a Sting?”  I guess it just depends upon how strong it is!…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Red Stripe, Jamaica

Red Stripe was first brewed in Jamaica in 1928, first as a dark brown ale, and a few years later as the golden lager which we know today.  Red Stripe has a connection to another favorite brew, Guinness.  Red Stripe is currently owned by Diageo, a company formed in 1997 through a merger of Guinness (yes, that Guinness), and Grand Metropolitan.…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: SandBar Rum, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

Almost too pretty to drink are the flavored rums at SandBar, located in Sandy Ground, on the island of Anguilla.  Perfect to accompany the tasty small plates of 4-Diamond Award winning Executive Chef Denise Carr, formerly the Executive Chef at Cusinart Resort and Spa, who in 2007 she managed the National Culinary Team of Anguilla.  She and her husband, Lenox “Joash”…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Rhum Barbancourt, Haiti

The story of Rhum Barbancourt starts in 1862, when Dupre Barbancourt, a native of France, perfected his double distillation process for making rum, a process utilized in the making of fine cognac.  When he died, the company passed to his wife’s family, and the rum has been produced by generations of the Gardere family ever since. In the early 1950’s,…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Callwood Distillery, Tortola

Wendy G. Gunderson

Rum has been distilled and blended by the Callwood family for more than 200 years in Tortola.  Callwood produces sugar cane rum, aged in oak barrels.  It claims to be the Caribbean’s oldest continuously operating pot distillery.  If you visit between March and August, you may have a chance to see the full distilling operation.  However, the distillery is open…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Pyrat Rum, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

Today’s Spirits of the Caribbean is a bit of a blast from the past.  You will see Pyrat Rum in your liquor store or local watering hole, but you won’t see the Pyrat Rum plant on Anguilla anymore.  Years ago, there was a Pyrat Rum blending and bottling plant on Anguilla, located in Sandy Ground, offering tours of the facility.…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Mangojito at Home

  So you’re not on Nevis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Mangojito at home.  We start with the recipe from the Four Seasons Nevis: 1.5 ounces Brinley’s Gold Mango Rum 8 mint leaves Splash of simple syrup Juice of 1 lime 1 Tablespoon of mango puree Club Soda Start by peeling and removing the pit from the…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Mangojito, Nevis

The signature cocktail of the Four Seasons Nevis, the Mangojito is a mix of Brinley’s Gold Mango Rum, mango puree, simple syrup, club soda, and muddled mint leaves.  Who knew that the mojito could be even more delicious?  The folks at the Four Seasons have generously shared their recipe, so be sure to try this one at home! 1.5 ounces…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Carib, Trinidad & Tobago

Carib Lager is found all over the Caribbean, but finds its origins in Trinidad and Tobago.  First brewed in 1950, the 5.2% ABV lager is as popular now as ever.  With arrangements made in advance, you can tour the brewery. If you are on St. Kitts and want to set up a tour of the brewery there, contact our friends…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Guavaberry Liqueur, Sint Maarten

Guavaberry Liqueur is made from oak-aged rum, cane sugar, and wild Sint Maarten guavaberries found high in the hills on the island.  Try a Guavaberry Margarita, Guavaberry Sunrise, or Guavaberry Colada, with recipes found on the Guavaberry website.  Cheers! All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries via…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Cane Spirit Ritchmont, St. Kitts

St. Kitts and Nevis were known as the “sugar islands,” with abundant fields of sugar cane, and alive with the milling of sugar cane, and the distillation and production of rum. Unfortunately over time, those distilleries disappeared and now the only rum produced locally is home brew or “hammond.” There remains a brand of rum which is bottled and blended…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Sunshine’s “Killer Bee,” Nevis

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

No list of the best spirits of the Caribbean is complete without a nod to the “Killer Bee,” found at Sunshine’s on the island of Nevis.  This refreshing rum cocktail has a way of sneaking up on you, so be careful to avoid the “sting.”  By my count, it hits you around your third drink. For more on the “Killer…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Jan’s Infamous Rum Punch, Turks & Caicos Islands

When you arrive at Da Conch Shack, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, you are immediately drawn to the fresh conch, pulled from the sea before your eyes.  But don’t overlook the offerings of Da Conch Shack’s Rum Bar, including Jan’s Infamous Rum Punch.  You know it’s good when you can see that nice float of dark rum on top. For…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Smokey’s Rum Punch, Anguilla

Today, we start a new series, “Spirits of the Caribbean,” with our favorite rum punch, found at Smokey’s at the Cove, Cove Bay, Anguilla. Read about why Smokey’s is one of our favorite beach bars here, and stay tuned for your daily spirit!   All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Sunshine’s Chicken Wings

Taste of the Caribbean takes us back to the island of Nevis.  You may be drawn to Sunshine’s for its famous “Killer Bee” cocktail, but don’t miss the food. Sunshine serves up some great dishes, including these delicious chicken wings. For more on why Sunshine’s is one of our favorite beach bars, read our story here.  For photos and stories…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Wood-Fired Pizza

I love the fresh seafood and local dishes when traveling to the Caribbean.  However, after a while, I get a taste for something different or a taste of home.  When on Anguilla, a great stop is Madeariman’s, where you not only have a selection of great French dishes, but you can have your favorite pizza, baked in the wood-fired oven.…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: BBQ Chicken

Chicken and pork dishes are very common in the islands, but everyone has a slightly different interpretation.  Pictured above is the BBQ chicken at Smokey’s at the Cove, on the island of Anguilla.  The sauce is not thick and sweet, but instead is light and tangy.  Order it along with a Red Stripe, and you have the perfect meal to…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Escargot

The influence of the French is strong in the islands, even in the British islands.  This plate of escargot in garlic cream sauce was found at Madeariman’s, located on Shoal Bay in Anguilla.  Shoal Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the islands, the perfect setting in which to enjoy Madeariman’s offerings, including fish soup, mussels, scallops, and…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Braised Pork

You don’t order from a menu at Rodney’s Cuisine.  Rodney Elliott herself greets you to tell you what she’s serving.  Today’s menu offered chicken along with the braised pork dish you see pictured above.  For authentic, local food, give Rodney’s a try.  Rodney’s is located on the main road coming out of Charlestown (headed counterclockwise around the island), on the…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Churros

Taste of the Caribbean isn’t limited to traditional foods from the islands.  We have encountered many other foods there which are worth a stop on your travels. One of those places is Picante, a Mexican restaurant on the island of Anguilla.  The churros pictured above were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect with the accompanying caramel…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Johnnycakes

Taste of Caribbean today presents an island classic, the johnnycake. We’ve tasted johnnycakes throughout the islands, and each chef has a slightly different take on this Caribbean staple.  The johnnycake pictured above was our favorite, found at Rodney’s Cuisine on Nevis.  They were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. For more on Rodney Elliott and our visit…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Grilled Wahoo

Taste of the Caribbean is back on the Nevis.  We are walking from the Four Seasons, past Sunshine’s, and a little farther down Pinney’s Beach, we come upon Double Deuce.  Double Deuce is known for its amazing DD burger, but there are many other delicious offerings on the chalkboard menu, including this grilled wahoo.  Take a look at the menu…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Conch Fritters

On Taste of the Caribbean today, we have one of our favorite beach eats, conch fritters.  A batter is made into which conch, peppers, onions, and seasonings are mixed, and then spoonfuls of the batter are dropped into the deep fryer.  Served with a dipping sauce, it’s the perfect partner to a cold Turks Head or other island brew. These…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Conch Salad

Taste of the Caribbean is in the mood for a festival today, so we take you to the Turks & Caicos Conch Festival, held each November in the Blue Hills area of Providenciales.  There are a variety of events at the festival, but the best is the “Conch-etition,” where area chefs compete for the best of the fest in conch…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Sunshine Salad, Nevis

Today’s Taste of the Caribbean comes from Sunshine’s, the Nevis beach bar famous for the sting of their “Killer Bee.”  Sunshine’s is not only about great drinks, but has some of the best food on the island.  Among the tasty offerings is the Sunshine Salad.  When I asked what was in it, I was told it was “made with love.”…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Ceviche Salad

Taste of the Caribbean takes us to the British Virgin Islands today.  The Ceviche Salad at Coco Maya on Virgin Gorda is a refreshing blend of fresh fish, tomatoes, onions, and peppers, served over a bed of greens, and topped with a scoop of coconut sorbet.  Pair it with the restaurant’s zingy Raspberry Chili Martini, with slices of jalapeño pepper,…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Anguillan Breakfast

Today we’re serving up an authentic Anguillan breakfast, complete with whole fried fish and johnnycakes.  This dish was served to us at Anacaona Boutique Hotel, located on Meads Bay in Anguilla, one of the best hotel bargains on the island.  On Thursday nights, Anacaona serves up an Anguillan buffet along with a performance of the Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre, a show of…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Oxtail Stew

Our daughter has always been a pretty adventurous orderer, surprising restauranteurs with her selections.  When she was 7-years-old and we traveled to Mexico, she ordered squid and octopus.  We began traveling to the Caribbean when she was 9, and she was the first to order some of the local fare, including oxtails.  The rich stew of braised oxtails paired with…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Anegada Lobster Salad, British Virgin Islands

Today’s edition of Taste of the Caribbean comes to us courtesy of the British Virgin Islands.  I knew when we were planning our trip to the British Virgin Islands that I had to make sure to order the lobster for which Anegada is famous, although I couldn’t wait until our day trip to the island.  This beautiful Lobster salad was…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Conch Salad, Turks & Caicos Islands

It’s time to launch our new series featuring our favorite dishes from the Caribbean islands.  Today’s feature is Conch Salad from the Turks & Caicos Islands.  This particular conch salad comes from Da Conch Shack, located in the Blue Hills area of Providenciales.  At Da Conch Shack, you can watch as they pull the conch from the sea, extract it…Read More

Gallery Night & Day, Milwaukee, WI April 19 -20, 2013

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

If you happen to be in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the next few weeks, consider stopping by to the see the 8th Annual Members’ Show of the Coalition of Photographic Arts.  The show opens on Gallery Night & Day, April 19-20, 2013, with additional gallery dates of April 25-27 and May 2-4, 2013, and will exhibit at 600 East…Read More

TV Land Meets the British Virgin Islands

How often do you travel to the Caribbean and happen upon a group of beloved television characters?  It’s only happened once, on our visit to The Last Resort, Bellamy Cay, British Virgin Islands. First, how do you get there?  I can’t help you navigate by sea, but by land, get yourself to Trellis Bay on Beef Island, just a quick…Read More

“Z” is for Zymurgy

Wendy G. Gunderson

All good things must come to an end, as does our Caribbean “A” to “Z” series, with the letter “Z” for zymurgy, a word everyone should have in their Scrabble or Hangman vocabulary.  Zymurgy is the science of brewing beer, the branch of applied chemistry dealing with the fermentation process.  The Caribbean is home to some of our favorite brews…Read More

“Y” is for Yuletide

Wendy G. Gunderson

We generally travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, and at that time, preparations for the holidays has already begun in the Caribbean.  If you travel to the Caribbean in December, you have your choice of festive events. Here are just a few links to places where you can learn more about Christmas traditions in Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Curacao, Trinidad, and throughout…Read More

“W” is for Watersports

Wendy G. Gunderson

The Caribbean’s best attraction after the beach is the water that surrounds it.  The region offers a variety of watersports for you to enjoy, including surfing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding.   This shop in Trellis Bay on Beef Island, British Virgin Islands, just a few minutes from the airport, offers instruction in kiteboarding, surfing, kayak tours, and…Read More

“V” is for Virgin Gorda

Wendy G. Gunderson

Virgin Gorda was given its name by Christopher Columbus, who believed the shape of the island looked like a well-rounded woman reclining, or a “fat virgin.” The island is the third largest, and second most populous island in the British Virgin Islands, home to approximately 3600 residents.  The most famous attraction on Virgin Gorda, and perhaps all of the British…Read More

“S” is for Sailing

Wendy G. Gunderson

Sailing and the Caribbean go together like peas and carrots.  Initially, solely a form of transportation, sailing is now primarily for recreation and sport. Some of my favorite Caribbean bloggers are people who have decided to see the Caribbean by sail.  Their websites are filled with beautiful images of the islands, along with the nuts and bolts of this method…Read More

“Q” is for Queen Conch

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

The queen conch, the “strombus gigas,” is found in the warm waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean from Florida to Brazil. Their shells are readily identifiable, with a bright colored pink lip.  The conch, which grows to adulthood with its shell, uses its strong muscle to propel itself.  Conch meat has a mild, sweet flavor, and resembles a scallop in…Read More

“P” is for Palm

Wendy G. Gunderson

When we think of the Caribbean, we think of tall palm trees, slightly curved, at the edge of a white sand beach.  When we look a little closer, we realize that the palm family, botanical family Arecaceae or Palmaceae, consists of 2600 different species.   Historically, palms have symbolized victory and triumph.  The Romans celebrated victory in games and in war with an…Read More

“N” is for Nevis

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

Nevis is a 36 square-mile island at the center of which is Nevis Peak, which rises 3,232 feet.  Nevis was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and was called “Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves” which means “Our Lady of the Snows,” a description of the small cloud which is nearly always present around the peak, resembling snow.  The island is home…Read More

“M” is for Monkey

Wendy G. Gunderson

The green vervet monkey is native to Africa.  It was brought to the Caribbean, specifically Barbados, St. Kitts, and Nevis along with slaves by the Europeans.  One person’s pet is another person’s pest.  The monkeys have been known to raid crops, and can be wasteful creatures.  While on a hike on Nevis, our guide showed us a lime with just…Read More

“L” is for Lobster

Wendy G. Gunderson

Lobsters in the Caribbean are quite different than their cousins found in the waters along the northeast coast of the United States.  The first distinguishing feature is that the spiny lobsters of the Caribbean lack the pincher claws of the cold water lobsters, using their spiny exterior as their defense mechanism.  The taste of the lobster meat is different too.…Read More

Top Ten Things To Do in the Caribbean

Time to daydream a bit.  When work gets a bit dull, it’s easy to glide over to Facebook or Twitter, and think about what you would rather be doing right now.  If you really had to narrow it down to a list, and put them in order of priority, what makes your top ten?  Here’s our list: #10  Cocktails and…Read More

“J” is for Johnnycake

Wendy G. Gunderson

Johnnycakes are common throughout the Caribbean, although there are quite a few variations.  Typically, it is a fried or baked biscuit, traditionally served with breakfast.  I’ve tasted many variations, but my favorites come from Rodney Elliott’s restaurant on Nevis, Rodney’s Cuisine.  Her johnnycakes are fluffy like a biscuit inside with a crisp exterior.  We were lucky enough to visit at…Read More

“I” is for Irish

Wendy G. Gunderson

It’s not always easy to see the connection between Ireland and the Caribbean.  Danny Buoy’s, an Irish pub on the island of Providenciales, in the Turks & Caicos Islands, is a rarity in the islands, where the beach bar is the norm.   However, the Irish are not strangers to the Caribbean, particularly on island of Montserrat, the Emerald Isle…Read More

“H” is for History

Wendy G. Gunderson

The Caribbean is loaded with history, having seen the influence of many people from different lands.  Historical sites are quite accessible too.  You won’t see a lot of glass cases or roped off areas here.  It may be a bit of a challenge to find the sites, but many are open for you to explore.  On our trip to Nevis…Read More

“G” is for Green VI

Wendy G. Gunderson

GreenVI Glass Studio is a non-profit organization devoted to a greener, more environmentally sound British Virgin Islands.  The studio recycles glass, largely beer and liquor bottles, which are used to make paperweights, jewelry, souvenirs, and other glass collectables.  Mentors also provide training in the making of glass to educate others and promote the organization’s goals.  Proceeds are used to fund…Read More

“F” is for Fireball

Wendy G. Gunderson

If you are visiting the island of Tortola, make a point of visiting  Aragorn’s Studio, located in Trellis Bay and the adjoining Beef Island.  Aragorn is best known for his brilliant metal sculptures called “fireballs.”  Fireballs are made from large steel buoys that have reached their useful life on the ocean.  The buoys are then carved by Aragorn with elaborate…Read More

“E” is for Eleuthera

Eleuthera, one of the out islands of the Bahamas, is our next destination.  In preparation for our trip, I have begun doing some research on the island, which includes reading a well-regarded history of the islands by Mrs. Everild Young, later known as Mrs. Everild Helweg-Larsen (1909-1992), a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.  Mrs. Larsen, a native of England,…Read More

Featured: Travel Dreams Magazine!

Wendy G. Gunderson

I cannot think of a better combination than our images and Tim Cotroneo’s words.  Tim is the man behind Travel Dreams Magazine, and he featured our photos from our trip to Anegada in his piece.   Read his great story about Anegada’s The Big Bamboo here! SaveSave All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited.…Read More

“C” is for Church

Wendy G. Gunderson

There is no shortage of churches in the Caribbean.  You will find houses of worship for many faiths in the islands, although Christianity predominates, likely due to the influences of the European explorers (or “invaders” depending upon your perspective).  The mural above comes from the Marigot Catholic Church, which sits atop a hill on the road to Fort Louis on the…Read More

Images! in up! Magazine!

If you happen to be flying out of Canada, and happen to be flying West Jet Airlines this month, check our our images, included in features on the Queen Conch and Anguilla.  You will see our image of a conch salad from Da Conch Shack, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, and our image of SandBar, Meads Bay, Anguilla.  If you…Read More

One Question from Kristin Mock

Wendy G. Gunderson

Travel writer and teacher, Kristin Mock, author of the insightful travel blog,, interviewed me for her new feature, “One Question.” Kristin’s question for me was the topic of photographing people. You can read the feature on Kristin’s site here: As a photographer and a woman, how do you best approach people you’d like to take pictures of when you…Read More

BVI Trip Report – THE VIDEO!

Welcome to our video tour of the BVI, featuring stops on Scrub Island, Beef Island/Trellis Bay, Tortola, Marina Cay, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda. Greetings from the British Virgin Islands from My Irie Time on Vimeo. If you haven’t done so already, check out our BVI trip report! All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission…Read More

BVI Trip Report Part Five: Virgin Gorda

All good things must come to an end, and so we reach Part Five of our BVI Trip Report.  Part Five takes us to the island of Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the islands in the British Virgin Islands and the second most populated.  We arranged this trip through Dive BVI, as we did our trip to Anegada. Our…Read More

BVI Trip Report Part Four: Anegada

It’s time for a road trip, island style, as we take a day trip to Anegada.  Anegada is a bit unlike its companions in the British Virgin Islands.  Unlike the other inhabited islands in the BVI chain which are volcanic in origin and mountainous in appearance, Anegada is composed of coral and limestone.  The terrain is so close to sea…Read More

BVI Trip Report Part Three: Tortola and Beef Island

Part Three of our BVI trip report takes us to Tortola, or more accurately, Beef Island and Tortola.  When you fly into Terrance B. Lettsome Airport in Tortola (Airport Code: EIS), you are actually flying into Beef Island, a small island just east of Tortola.  The two islands are connected by a bridge.  Beef Island is home to Trellis Bay,…Read More

BVI Trip Report Part Two: Marina Cay

Part Two of our BVI Trip Report takes us to Marina Cay, a small island about half a mile off Scrub Island.  Marina Cay is home to Pusser’s Marina Cay, a great bar and restaurant.  I knew I wanted to visit Marina Cay because I had seen photos of the red telephone box on the dock and thought it would…Read More

BVI Trip Report Part One: Scrub Island

Wendy G. Gunderson

Welcome to Part One of our five-part trip report of our November 2012 trip to the British Virgin Islands.  Our trip report will be broken down by island, covering Scrub Island, Tortola/Beef Island, Marina Cay, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda.  First things first – the reason we came to the BVI – Scrub Island, or more particularly Scrub Island Resort.  Some…Read More

Aragorn’s Fireballs

The fireballs at Aragorn’s Studio, Trellis Bay, Beef Island, Tortola, are lit for the monthly full moon parties, but we were able to see at least one aflame on evening visits to Trellis Bay.  I would love one of these for my backyard!     All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited.…Read More

Liz Pereira – Pereira Tours

I first met Liz Pereira as a “MyIslands Legend” and merciful overlord of the MyIslands site for St. Kitts and Nevis.  We were planning our November 2011 trip to Nevis, and I spent quite a bit of time on the forum gathering information about restaurants and sites to see around the island, and enjoying the trip reports of forum members.…Read More

Eden Johnson of

There are so many people in the travel industry, that you don’t often meet someone who stands out from the crowd.  However, recently, I came to know a woman who so impressed me that I thought she was an ideal subject for an “Island Profiles.”  Eden Johnson is the woman behind “,” a site dedicated to Caribbean travel for women.…Read More

Feel at Home at Meads Bay Beach Villas, Anguilla

We have visited Anguilla three times, in 2007, 2009, and 2010. We stayed at The CuisinArt the first year, Meads Bay Beach Villas in 2009, and Anacaona in 2010. Meads Bay Beach Villas had the most luxurious accommodations, hands down. The four villas are staggered back from the beach, so Villa #1 is right on the beach and #2 is…Read More

Favorite Island Bloggers

I enjoy reading about the islands and quite a few folks share that passion.  Here are some of my favorites! [imagemap map=”imgmap_css_container_imgmap2012824215227″ direct=1 id=”imgmap2012824215227″ img=””] [area shape=rect alt=”Uncommon Caribbean” title=”Uncommon Caribbean” url=””]442,25,803,65[/area] [area shape=rect alt=”Coastlines and Tanlines” title=”Coastlines and Tanlines” url=””]476,71,820,108[/area] [area shape=rect alt=”Caribbean Travel and Life” title=”Caribbean Travel and Life” url=””]502,116,913,156[/area] [area shape=rect alt=”Anguilla Beaches” title=”Anguilla Beaches” url=””]534,160,822,201[/area] [area…Read More

Just One Day: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

“Just One Day” takes us to Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  The Turks & Caicos Islands include 40 islands and cays, eight of which are inhabited.  Grand Turk is the center of government for the islands, but the islands are probably best known for the island of Providenciales, home to what is often regarded as one of the…Read More

Just One Day: Nevis

“Just One Day” takes us to Nevis.  Nevis is a 36 square-mile island, the center of which is Nevis Peak, which rises 3,232 feet.  Nevis was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and was called “Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves” which means “Our Lady of the Snows,” a description of the small cloud which is nearly always present around the peak,…Read More

Handmade Baskets: Middle Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands

  When people think of the Turks & Caicos Islands, they often think of Providenciales, the tourism center of the islands, famous for the gorgeous stretch of powdery sand which is Grace Bay Beach.  The Turks & Caicos Islands are actually 40 islands and cays, 8 of which are inhabited.  Among the inhabited islands is Middle Caicos, known for the…Read More

Traveling With Your Special Needs Child

Wendy G. Gunderson

Our family loves to travel, but there was a time when we wondered if it was something that we could do.  Our son has been diagnosed with expressive-receptive disorder, which impairs his ability to communicate and understand language.  Because of this, verbal control wasn’t always an available option.  You might physically have to demonstrate something or stop him from doing…Read More

Paradise Found at The Cuisinart Resort, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

We first traveled to Anguilla in 2007.  When we arrived, the sun had set at Blowing Point Harbour.  By the time we arrived at our destination, the Cuisinart Resort, it was dark outside.  We awoke the next morning to a spectacular sunrise over St. Martin, which you will see in the image above.  The Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa, the…Read More

Conch Knocking

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Courtesy of Da Conch Shack, on Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands, is this beautifully prepared conch salad, pulled fresh from the ocean.  Once the conch shell hits the work table, they knock a hole in the top of the shell, to expose the tendon which holds the conch inside.  In one swift motion with his knife, the tendon…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Smokey’s, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

When I first started writing the series on my favorite beach bars, Smokey’s at the Cove, Cove Bay, Anguilla, was at the top of my list.  I have waited to write this, only because I feared not being able to do it justice.  Smokey’s was the bar that made me fall in love with the Caribbean.  There was something about…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Chevy’s and Double Deuce, Nevis

Wendy G. Gunderson

One great thing about staying at the Four Seasons on Nevis is that there are great beach bars located a short walk from the resort.  We arrived on Nevis just as the sun was setting, and after changing clothes, we headed out in search of something to eat.  We had started the day with a 3:00 a.m. wakeup call and…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Gwen’s Reggae Grill, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

I had heard about Gwen’s Reggae Grill before our first trip to Anguilla in 2007, but we didn’t actually make it there until 2009.  Gwen’s is located somewhat apart from the hustle and bustle of bars and restaurants that you immediately see when you arrive at Shoal Bay East, a gorgeous stretch of sand and water on Anguilla’s north coast. …Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Sand Bar, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

I’ve said many times that the Anguilla Guide Forum never steers me wrong.  It’s a great resource on travel to Anguilla, where to stay, where to eat, and pretty much everything you need to know and more about travel to the island.  After our 2009 trip, the forum was buzzing with talk about a new place in Sandy Ground called…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Dune Preserve, Anguilla

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The secret is out.  Well, it wasn’t really a secret.  You don’t get the honor of #1 Beach Bar in the World without having been noticed by a few people.  When we first visited Anguilla in November of 2007, we stayed at the Cuisinart Resort, just steps from the best beach bar in the world, Dune Preserve.  We learned of…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Sunshine’s Beach Bar, Nevis

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When you tell people you just got back from Nevis, they either ask, “Where is Nevis?” or “Did you get a Killer Bee from Sunshine’s?” Sunshine’s Beach Bar is an institution on Pinney’s Beach, just a short walk from the Four Seasons.  We arrived on Nevis just as the sun was setting, and after being shown to our rooms, we…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Da Conch Shack, Providenciales

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It has been said that food always tastes better with your feet in the sand.  That’s true, and it tastes even better if you can have a rum punch in your hand while you watch them pull your meal from the sea.  At Da Conch Shack in the Blue Hills area of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, you can experience…Read More

CoPA Members Show: April 20 through May 12, 2012

The image below, taken on the walk to Sunshine’s Beach Bar in Nevis, will be featured in the Seventh Annual Members’ Show of the Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA). The CoPA show opens on Gallery Night, Friday, April 20, 2012, and runs through May 12, 2012, at 262 East Menomonee Street, in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, just across the street from…Read More

Crime in the Caribbean

All over the news today was the story about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer being robbed at knife-point in his vacation home in Nevis.  Immediately, there were commentaries questioning the safety of travel to the Caribbean.  Having recently returned from nine days on Nevis, I have to say that I never feared for my safety or felt uncomfortable, and…Read More

$1US = $2.70EC Eastern Caribbean and US Dollars

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of eight of the nine members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.  Those countries include Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The exception is the British Virgin Islands, whose official currency is the U.S. dollar.  We have been…Read More

Nevis – Part One: Four Seasons Nevis

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

Our nine days on Nevis were spent at the Four Seasons Nevis, located on Pinney’s Beach on the west side of the island.  For more details on our stay and what the Four Seasons has to offer, click here to read more… All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information,…Read More

Taking it Easy at Smokey’s

Smokey’s at the Cove, Anguilla, serves up great food and drink, and on Saturday’s all that comes with the music of The Musical Brothers.  To find out why Smokey’s is one of our favorite beach bars, read on… SaveSave All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries…Read More

Join the Party at Anacaona, Meads Bay, Anguilla

On Thursday nights at Anacaona Boutique Hotel, Meads Bay, Anguilla, you can enjoy an Anguillan buffet along with a performance of the Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre, a show of stories and songs portraying the history of the island.  In this scene, the topic is the influence of rum!  Anacaona recently announced the addition of a new show, “The Night of Dance,”…Read More

Anguilla Heritage Trail

Opening in June of 2010, the Anguilla Heritage Trail was a joint project supported by the Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS), the Anguilla National Trust (ANT), the Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB), the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association (AHTA) and individual and corporate donors.  The trail consists of ten stops around the island of historical significance, designated by a marker of…Read More

Hydroponic Vegetables at the Cuisinart, Anguilla

Dr. Howard Resh explains how to grow so many great fresh vegetables and herbs in the regular sun and heat on Anguilla.  All that sun is great when you are on the beach with a drink in your hand, but extreme temperatures make it difficult to maintain a crop.  Cuisinart operates a hydroponic farm where they grow vegetables and herbs in…Read More

What Waves Look Like With a Neutral Density Filter

Taken in front of the beach at The Viceroy, Meads Bay, Anguilla, November 2010, using the 77mm Fader ND Mark II filter.  For more on the filters in my bag, read here… SaveSave SaveSave All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries via the Contact page.  

Enjoy the Guavaberry on Sint Maarten

On a trip to Sint Maarten, the Dutch half of the island also occupied by the French St. Martin, good friends of ours shared with us their love of Guavaberry, a liquor traditional to the island. Guavaberry liquor is made from oak-aged rum, cane sugar, and wild Sint Maarten guavaberries found high in the hills on the island.  Give it…Read More

“Been to Barbados”

Have you “been to Barbados?” I am reading “And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails ” by Wayne Curtis, a book suggested by Carlton Grooms of “Coastlines and Tan Lines.”  I just came across a passage where the author recounts that Benjamin Franklin, the publisher of the “Pennsylvania Gazette,” printed up 228 different words…Read More

The Beginning

The beginning of My Irie Time This was the very first image posted on My Irie Time when I began this blog in 2011.  I first started sharing images online in 2007, when a friend convinced me to join Flickr and come along on monthly photowalks with our local Cream City photographers group. We found ourselves traveling to the Caribbean…Read More