Bomba’s Surfside Shack, located on Cappoon’s Bay on Tortola’s north side, is known more for what happens after dark, particularly when there is a full moon.  “Give Bomba Your Panties And Be Blessed.”  Bomba certainly has a way with words.  A quick walk around his bar proves he has convinced many women to part with their undergarments in exchange for a blessing.   Bomba built his shack in 1976 from pieces of driftwood, tin, and other discarded items, and it has been well-loved ever since.  Bomba’s Shack is known for its full moon parties, mushroom tea, and Bomba’s punch.

We stopped by on a gorgeous afternoon, and watched the surfers riding the waves of the bay.  

Islands Mag-1013

As Bomba says, “If you come to Tortola and you don’t see Bomba’s Surf Side Shack you’ve been ripped off on the tour!!!”

Tortola Beef-24

Tortola Beef-30

Tortola Beef-22

Tortola Beef-34

Tortola Beef-29

Tortola Beef-21

Tortola Beef-20

Tortola Beef-28

Tortola Beef-27

Tortola Beef-19

Tortola Beef-25

Tortola Beef-18

Tortola Beef-17

Tortola Beef-23

Tortola Beef-32

Tortola Beef-16

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