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French Leave Beach is one of the most gorgeous stretches of pink sand around, found just east of Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera.  If you find your way there, don’t miss one of our favorite beach bars.  The Beach House, located on Banks Road in Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, is just steps from French Leave Beach and offers some of the tastiest food and drink on the island.

Beach House-1

The Beach House is a comfortable place to kick back, with great views of the ocean.

Beach House-10

Beach House-2

Beach House-4

Beach House-22

Beach House-23

Beach House-34

Beach House-24

Our first visit there was for lunch our first full day on the island.  It was described to us as a tapas restaurant, and my experience with tapas is that it means “small plates.”  So I ordered quite a few.  These were not small at all, but there were no regrets.  Everything was delicious. My favorite was the ceviche served on fried plantains.

Beach House-7

Check out the conch fritters…

Beach House-8

And the spicy shrimp…

Beach House-9

And my husband’s grouper sandwich…

Beach House-6

Throughout the week, we tried a number of different dishes, including the snapper…

Beach House-12

The crab and lobster ravioli…

Beach House-13

The empanadas…

Beach House-39

The jumbo shrimp…

Beach House-40

And the jerk grouper salad…

Beach House-42

Oh, and the desserts.  This chocolate cake was one of our Thanksgiving treats…

Beach House-18

But my favorites were the sorbets, especially the mango sorbet in a mango shell.

Beach House-19

Let’s talk about the cocktails.  When I saw the drink menu, I saw so many good choices.  Before the week was out, my goal was to try every drink on the menu.  I didn’t quite make it, but there wasn’t a clunker in the bunch.

Beach House-25

The Beach House Rum Punch…

Beach House-3

I wanted a little more pineapple, so on the second one, our kind bartender made up one especially for me!

Beach House-5

Then there was the Beach Bum, Bacardi Limon and Sprite…

Beach House-27

And the Lola, a mix of Campari, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, and Club Soda…

Beach House-32

The Bermuda Triangle, peach schnapps, spiced rum, and orange juice…

Beach House-35

The Beach House Margarita…Beach House-36

The Citronella Cooler, Absolut Citron, lemonade and cranberry juice…

Beach House-41

And a few more, but things are a bit hazy after that.

Beach House-26

Let’s not forget the music!  The Rum Runners play on Thursday night.  The wind was howling and there was a bit of rain, but they didn’t miss a beat!

Beach House-11

Beach House-14

Beach House-15

Beach House-16

Beach House-17

Beach House-37

It’s easy to see why The Beach House makes our list of favorite beach bars!

For more information, check out there Facebook page!  There’s also a lovely boutique there, The Beach House Boutique, which sells clothing and gifts if you’re in the mood to shop.

Want more Eleuthera? Check out our six-part trip report!


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