Four years ago, I wrote “Taking Better Travel Photos” to provide helpful tips to improve your travel photography no matter what gear you use.  I am excited to announce that I recently updated the book, including information on rules of composition, and providing additional information on “hot spots” for great photographs throughout the Caribbean.

Taking Better Travel Photos

Some people say the rules are meant to be broken, but the rules are rules for a reason.  They can help you find a shot when you can’t decide how to compose it.  Knowing the rules will help you frame up better shots, and if you decide to break the rules for a particular effect, go for it!  In the new edition of the book, we introduce and illustrate photography concepts including the Rule of Thirds, Visual Weight, Negative Space, Depth of Field, Symmetry and Patterns, Filling the Frame, Frame Within a Frame, and Leading Lines.

Taking Better Travel Photos

We also travel through the Caribbean, documenting great spots to visit to capture that perfect image. We find that spot on Anguilla with a great overhead view of Sandy Ground.  We tell you where to be on the island of Nevis to capture loads of green vervet monkeys, and what time to be there.  We find the perfect vantage point to shoot an inland blue hole on the island of Andros, Bahamas.  The new edition shares some of our favorite photography “hot spots.”

Taking Better Travel Photos

The book is intended to simplify photographic concepts so that you can make better images no matter what kind of camera you use, from a camera phone to your favorite DSLR.  Enjoy!

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