Haunted House of Harbour Island

Up for a Halloween thrill on your trip to the Bahamas?  Check out the Glen Stewart mansion, more commonly known as the Haunted House of Harbour Island. On our trip to Harbour Island last November, the Haunted House was on our agenda.  There is really no way to miss it.  It’s on every map I’ve seen of Harbour Island, and once you’re on the island, just follow the pink signs!

Harbour Island-10

The house is surrounded by mystery, particularly, the strange circumstances under which the the original owners left.  The story goes that the home was built in 1945 by a wealthy family.  The owner left one day for medical tests and never returned. Presumably, those tests did not go well.   The legend goes that the table was left set for a lavish dinner, and the family was never seen again.  In the 1960’s, a Greek shipping magnate bought the estate for his new bride, who upon visiting the property, refused to live there because it was haunted.  In the 1980’s, looters ravaged the property and more damage was done by fire.  Although we didn’t spot any ghosts, the structure itself is pretty interesting.

Harbour Island-17

Harbour Island-14

Harbour Island-15

I imagine that it was quite beautiful in its day, before ravaged by fire and neglect.

Harbour Island-16

The gift shop is no longer in operation.  I wonder what kind of collectibles it had to offer.

Harbour Island-13

The place is not lost, left to the weeds and occasional tourist.  The spot has been used to host weddings, such as this gorgeous event created by Ben Simmons of Little Island Design.   It’s also a great location for a wedding day photo like this one, shot by Jason Mize Photography.  Not so spooky after all!  Happy Halloween!

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