Nevis is a 36 square-mile island, the center of which is Nevis Peak, which rises 3,232 feet.  Nevis was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and was called “Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves” which means “Our Lady of the Snows,” a description of the small cloud which is nearly always present around the peak, resembling snow.  The island is home to approximately 10,000 residents.  It lies just two miles off the coast of St. Kitts, its sister island. Click on the slideshow for the tour!

  • Four Seasons Nevis
  • Sunshine's
  • Double Deuce & Chevy's
  • Rodney's Cuisine, Nevis
  • Source Trail Hike, Nevis
  • Sugar Mill, Montpelier Estate, Nevis Heritage Trail
  • New Castle Pottery, Nevis
  • Just One Day: Nevis
  • Nevis Travel Journal Entries
  • What’s in My Camera Bag: Nevis
  • Taking Better Travel Photos


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