NATJA 2016 Awards for Excellence in Travel Journalism

NATJA Awards Excellence Travel Journalism

Sometimes you have to jump right in, even when you may not think you are experienced enough or talented enough.  It was back in 2011 that my husband convinced me to enter the Caribbean Travel + Life Photo Contest, and it turned out that I won the grand prize.  But that competition was primarily for amateurs.  I was eager to…Read More

Top 9 Instagram Photos of 2016

Time for our Top 9 Instagram photos of 2016!  Your favorite Instagram photos based upon likes and comments include: #9  Film Prints by Richard Photo Lab We printed our favorite film shots from our trip to Kamalame Cay, Andros, Bahamas.  Our film processing and printing was done by the wonderful and very talented people at Richard Photo Lab! More from…Read More

Kamalame Cares: Help for Andros After Hurricane Matthew

Kamalame Cares

There’s an old rhyme about hurricane season in the Caribbean: “June too soon, July stand by, August come it must, September remember, and October all over . . .”  Unfortunately, this year, October was not “all over” as Hurricane Matthew slowly crept through the Caribbean and up the coast of the United States. After nearly two weeks, it left over 1,000 dead, along with…Read More

Video Tour of Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay Tour

We’ve taken you on a photo tour of Kamalame Cay, but here’s a short video tour.  Enjoy! Kamalame Cay from My Irie Time on Vimeo. We also have some video of our visit to the Rat Cay Blue Hole.  While I’m getting that ready, read more posts of our trip to Kamalame Cay, Andros, Bahamas here: All words and images…Read More