Bananas, Nevis

Perched high above the Hamilton Estate, you will find a gem of a restaurant with gorgeous views, comfortable surroundings and fabulous food. Welcome to Bananas! I have to admit, on our first trip up to Bananas, we thought we had missed it and turned around to go back down the island.  We then saw another sign telling us that we…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Goombay Smash, Bahamas

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Welcome back to Eleuthera, as “Spirits of the Caribbean” enjoys a Goombay Smash at Tippy’s.  Made from a mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut rum, this refreshing cocktail will remind you you’re in the islands.  Said to be the national drink of the Bahamas, the Goombay Smash was created by Miss Emily of Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar,…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Sip Sip Rum Punch, Harbour Island, Bahamas

  This “Spirit of the Caribbean” can be found steps away from the famous Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island, Bahamas.  This is the Sip Sip Rum Punch, a perfect blend of pineapple, guava, and passion fruit juices which make this rum punch a winner.  For more on why Sip Sip is one of our Favorite Beach Bars, read more…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 6: Local Food and Drink

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

No trip report is complete without talking about the food and drink.  Vacation is not just about the beach and the ocean.  We need to recharge!  We tried a wide variety of local food and drink, from local stands off the side of the road to the pricier restaurants which you read about in the magazines.  Let’s get started! Friday…Read More

Eleuthera Trip Report Part 5: Day Trip to Harbour Island a/k/a A Tale of Supermodels and Superheroes

It’s time for a day trip! The fifth part of our Eleuthera trip report takes us on a day trip to another of the islands of the Bahamas, Harbour Island.  Harbour Island, “Briland” to the locals, is located just a mile or two off the coast of Eleuthera.  Although it is only 3-1/2 miles long and 1-1/2 miles wide, the…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Caribbean Punch, Providenciales, TCI

Bay Bistro’s Caribbean Punch is a bit different than most rum punches we’ve enjoyed in the Caribbean.  In addition to fruit juices, in this case, orange and pineapple juices, the Caribbean Punch at Bay Bistro, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, has vodka and peach schnapps.  The result is light and refreshing, and a bit less sweet. If you prefer rum…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Rum Punch, Salt Mills Cafe, Turks & Caicos Islands

This colorful rum punch comes to us courtesy of the Salt Mills Cafe and Diner, located in the Salt Mills Plaza, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.  I couldn’t help but take a few sips before taking a this photo!  Decorated in bright primary colors, the diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offers vegetarian and gluten free dishes. For more…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Ting with a Zing, Nevis

While visiting the Library Bar at the Four Seasons Nevis, our bartender, Candy, mixed up quite a few cocktails, including this Ting with a Zing, made with CSR, cane sugar rum from St. Kitts, and Ting, a delicious grapefruit soda from Jamaica.  Or is it a “Ting with a Sting?”  I guess it just depends upon how strong it is!…Read More