Some people think that when you’re on an island known for its natural beauty, there are few things to do but recline in a beach chair and soak up the sun.  Although that’s certainly an option on Nevis, there are loads of things to do when you’re not relaxing. If you’re looking for things to do on the island, here’s our Top 10 Nevis!

Top 10 Nevis
Sunshine’s “Killer Bee”

Enjoy a Killer Bee

Some people make the trip to Nevis just for the “Killer Bee” at the famous Sunshine’s beach bar on Pinney’s Beach. Few know exactly what is in this potent cocktail, other than a lot of rum and a sprinkle of fresh nutmeg over the top.  Keep your wits about you and stop after two.  If you dare to have a third, you will feel the sting!

Top 10 Nevis
Hiking the Source Trail

Hike the Source Trail

There are a number of different hikes to take on Nevis, including all the way to the top of Nevis Peak, a hike which takes four to five hours.  Prepare yourself to use ropes for assistance in the climb, and to be covered in a bit of mud.  For those less athletically-inclined, try the Source Trail Hike, a two to three-hour hike which takes you along the path that the fresh water takes from a small waterfall at the top of the mountain through piping down the mountainside.  Some hikes take you all the way to the waterfall, and some simply take you along the source trail to scenic vistas, learning about plants and animals along the way.  This is not a hike for flip flops.  Wear athletic footwear and prepare for a good stretch of your legs!  Check out the wide variety of tours at Sunrise Tours.

Top 10 Nevis
Pinney’s Beach

Stroll along Pinney’s Beach

No trip to Nevis is complete without a visit to the beach.  The best beach on the island is Pinney’s Beach, located on the west side of the island, and home to the Four Seasons Nevis, as well as all our favorite beach bars. That’s St. Kitts you see in the distance.  Although beach chairs at the Four Seasons are reserved for guests of the resort, the beach is public, so why not take a stroll!

Top 10 Nevis
Green Vervet Monkey

Find the Green Vervet Monkeys

With all the “Monkey Crossing” signs on Nevis, you think you would see monkeys everywhere.  We did see a monkey scamper across the road while we were driving around the island, but the key to seeing a lot of monkeys is timing.  Head out in the late afternoon, as they tend to come out when the sun is low, so they can feed before night falls.  In our most recent visit, we found them along the 10th fairway of the golf course at the Four Seasons. After about an hour of walking the golf course without success, we suddenly encountered dozens of monkeys, large and small, feeding on mangoes and other plantings.

Top 10 Nevis
Just a Few of the Cocktails at Bananas

Eat and Drink Your Way Around the Island

You won’t run short of great places to eat or drink on Nevis!  Enjoy a “Mangojito” at the Four Seasons’ Cabana Bar.  The resort’s signature cocktail is made with a mix of fresh mint, Brindley Gold Mango Rum, and fresh mango puree.  We picked up the recipe and later mixed some up at home, but nothing beats enjoying the view of the water with a Mangojito in hand. Try the great food at Bananas, set amidst the banana trees with wonderful views overlooking the Hamilton Estate toward the ocean. Order the “Bertini,” blended with Absolut Citron, Absolute Durant, and passionfruit syrup. If fine dining is your preference, the chef at Coconut Grove will prepare your meal to perfection! There is great Indian food at Indian Summer, wood-fired pizza at Yachtsman Grill, and 101 gins to choose from at The Gin Trap.  Don’t overlook the beach bars! Some of our favorite meals came at beach bars including Sunshine’s, Double Deuce, and Turtle Time !

Top 10 Nevis

Shop for Local Crafts

Nevis is home to loads of talented artists, crafting beautiful souvenirs for you to take home. Visit New Castle Pottery for small pots or island creatures crafted from clay and fired in wood-fueled kilns.  Or visit the Artisan Village in Charlestown for a collection of shops with a wide variety of craft items.  Take home a bit of Nevis!

Top 10 Nevis

Explore History at the Museum of Nevis History

With the popularity of the musical, “Hamilton,” more people than ever before are interested in the life of Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury Secretary of the United States who was born on Nevis.  Explore more of the history of the island at the Museum of Nevis History, constructed on Hamilton’s birthplace, just steps from the ferry dock in Charlestown.  Pop next door to Cafe des Arts for a bite to eat before or after your visit.

Top 10 Nevis

Explore the Nevis Heritage Trail

History lives not only in the museum, but all around the island.  The island has preserved historical points of interest on the Nevis Heritage Trail.  Follow the blue signs and walk through the history of the island, with over two dozen sites of historical significance.  You can visit St. John’s Figtree Anglican Church, c. 1680, famous as the home of the marriage certificate of Frances (Fanny) Nisbet and British Naval hero, Horatio Nelson, or visit the wedding venue, Montpelier Plantation, a former sugar plantation, and now a hotel. Nisbet Plantation, another site on the trail, was the home of Fanny Nisbet, and on those grounds you will now find the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club.  You can see sugar processing machinery at New River Estate, the last functioning sugar mill on the island.  Or visit Fort Charles, built in the 17th Century to protect the city of Charlestown.

Top 10 Nevis

Sail Around the Islands

Get out on the water and explore the islands aboard a catamaran.  Sail around the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, visiting beaches and seeing sites only visible from the water.  Caona, a 47-foot catamaran with Leeward Island Charters, is available for  half-day and full-day charters, or enjoy a sunset cruise.

Top 10 Nevis

Swim with the fishes (and sea turtles, rays,…)

Don’t miss the sites underneath the surface!  Whether it be diving or snorkeling, Nevis has so much to see.  In just a short snorkeling trip, we saw sea turtles, rays, squid, brilliant coral, and more fish than you could count.

Now is the time to plan a trip to Nevis, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy all that the island has to offer!

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