Travel Story L-23

In June, I participated in “A Travel Story with Kevin Miyazaki,” an online travel photography class hosted by Jessica Kaminski’s JsKool.  Participants were from various parts of the country, with some traveling during the month.  Kevin gave us assignments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and your assignment was due before the next assignment was issued.  There were a total of 13 assignments over the course of the month.  Participants posted their photos in the online Facebook group dedicated to the class, so people were free to share their successes and failures and openly discuss their work.  Kevin was a great resource, offering useful suggestions for improving our images, and answering all our questions.  I now find myself running through the assignments in my head as I shoot other locations to make sure I have a well-rounded selection of images.

I completed all the assignments in my hometown of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, located just west of Milwaukee in Waukesha County.  During the month, we had more than our fair share of rain, so there are not as many sunny images as you would expect from Wisconsin this time of year.  Pewaukee hosts its “Beach Party” in June, and you will see some of the images from that celebration.  In addition, you will see some images of the Pewaukee Lake Waterski Club, which performs every Thursday at 6:45 p.m., and on several other occasions during the summer.  Welcome to Pewaukee!

Travel Story R-2

Travel Story L-3

Travel Story R-1

Travel Story R-4

Travel Story L-5

Travel Story R-6

Travel Story R-7

Travel Story L-8

Travel Story L-25

Travel Story R-9

Travel Story R-10

Travel Story L-11

Travel Story R-14

Travel Story L-21

Travel Story L-22

Travel Story L-19

Travel Story L-24

Travel Story L-12

Travel Story R-15

Travel Story L-16

Travel Story R-18

Travel Story L-20

Travel Story R-28


Jessica offers a variety of classes, both online and in person, at her JsKool.  Check out the courses here!


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