Top 9 Instagram Photos of 2016

Time for our Top 9 Instagram photos of 2016!  Your favorite Instagram photos based upon likes and comments include: #9  Film Prints by Richard Photo Lab We printed our favorite film shots from our trip to Kamalame Cay, Andros, Bahamas.  Our film processing and printing was done by the wonderful and very talented people at Richard Photo Lab! More from…Read More

September is Film Month!

September is Film Month!

September is film month here at My Irie Time.  We’re featuring our favorite film images on our Instagram feed all month.  All images were shot with the Mamiya 6, the Mamiya 645 Pro TL, or the Canon EOS 1v, using Ektar 100, Fuji 400H, and Porta 160 or 400.  Follow our Instagram feed all month! All words and images ©2006-2017…Read More

“The Bay of Piglets” – When the British Invaded Anguilla

If you have been to Anguilla and relaxed on one of its many peaceful beaches, it is difficult to imagine the thought of a large-scale military operation invading the island, yet that is what happened on March 19, 1969.  Yesterday marked the 47th anniversary of the British invasion of the island, “Operation Sheepskin,” intended to put down the rebellion that…Read More

Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2015

It’s been a great year here at My Irie Time. 2015 saw our Instagram account getting going, and here are our top 10 Instagram photos of the year!  Happy New Year to all! #10 Fins up!  A view of Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla. For more on our trips to Anguilla, read our reports here, including our most recent visit in November of 2014. #9…Read More

Travel For Less With The Anguilla Card

Anguilla has the reputation of being a high-end, expensive destination.  No island is a bargain, when you consider the costs of importing goods, but you can ease the load a bit and travel for less with the Anguilla Card.  The “discount card” for the island is the result of the ingenuity and hard work of Nori Evoy, whose website, Anguilla…Read More

Moonsplash: Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, Anguilla

When people describe Anguilla, they often rave about the beaches and the food, but not to be overlooked is the music.  Live music is widely available on the island, and the most famous Anguillan musician has to be Bankie Banx.  Bankie plays regular at his now famous Dune Preserve, but once a year, he hosts “Moonsplash,” an event bringing in…Read More

What’s Important is the Color of My Sand

With all the hullabaloo about the color of a dress, whether it be black with blue or white with gold, let’s not forget the important things in life, like the color of my sand!  We take a look at sand from some of our favorite beaches, Pinney’s Beach on Nevis, Rendezvous Bay on Anguilla, French Leave Beach on Eleuthera, and…Read More

Sunday is Beach Day! Our Favorite Caribbean Beaches

Best Caribbean Beaches

Sunday is beach day!  Pull on your suit, grab your sunscreen, and join us in strolling along our favorite Caribbean beaches!  Click an image for more information: All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries via the Contact page.  

Anguilla Trip Report: November-December 2014

All the film is back from the lab, all the digital images processed, and even our bags are unpacked (even the camera bag!), and our 2014 Anguilla Trip Report is complete. This year we visited many old friends, and made many new.  It remains our favorite island in the Caribbean and every day I wish I was still there. Walk…Read More

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

There are a lot of lists of the best beaches in the Caribbean and the best beaches in Anguilla.  When it comes to Anguilla, you usually hear about Shoal Bay, and don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful beach.  So is Meads Bay, and Cove Bay, and Maunday’s Bay.  I could keep going, but my favorite beach on the island…Read More

Cha Cha San, Anguilla

Cha Cha San, Anguilla

It was our first night on the island, and we were headed to Picante to catch some margaritas and Mexican food.  The only problem?  Picante is closed on Tuesdays.  A new plan is needed.  We start driving east, trying to think where to go.  Driving along, just as we were passing Dungeon Gym, over on the south side of the…Read More

Irie Life, Anguilla

Irie Life, Anguilla

We don’t shop much on vacation, but we do like to pick up a few gifts and some t-shirts to add to our collection.  Our favorite place for t-shirts on Anguilla is Irie Life. Irie Life has two locations, one on Back Street in South Hill, and one in Sandy Ground.  We always go to the one in South Hill.…Read More

SandBar, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

When we last visited Anguilla in 2010, we quickly became fans of SandBar, a beachside tapas restaurant in Sandy Ground. It quickly became one of our favorite beach bars.   Since our last visit, the restaurant was sold to Darren and Alicia Banks, and I feared that one of my favorite restaurants would become merely a memory.  I was thrilled…Read More

Take Me Back to the CuisinArt Resort, Anguilla

CuisinArt Resort, Anguilla

Coming back to The CuisinArt was like coming home again.  We stayed here on our very first trip to Anguilla in 2007.  I still remember the doorman calling to us as we ventured out for our first bit of driving on the island, “Left is right, right is wrong!” It’s a family-friendly resort that’s not too stuffy and not at…Read More

Limin’ Boutique, Anguilla

Limin' Boutique, Anguilla

Looking for beautiful, unique gifts for the people back home?  Be sure to stop into Limin’ Boutique, located on the northside of the main road, just east of the turnoff to Smokey’s on Anguilla’s west end. Looking for beautiful, unique gifts for the people back home?  Be sure to stop into Limin’ Boutique, located on the northside of the main…Read More

Sunday Afternoon at da’Vida, Anguilla

Omari Banks Eleven at DaVida, Anguilla

Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to visit da’Vida, located on Crocus Bay in Anguilla.  The restaurant always had a great reputation, but we never found our way there on previous visits.   After this visit, I look forward to visiting again. We weren’t alone.  Sunday afternoon seemed to be the time, and da’Vida seemed to be the place.  The…Read More

Saturdays are for Smokey’s, Anguilla

Smokey's at the Cove, Anguilla

One constant has remained for every trip to Anguilla – – Saturdays are for Smokey’s.  I remember our first trip to the island in 2007.  I heard there was live music at Smokey’s for lunch on Saturday, so I was determined to make it there on our first full day on the island.  We walked there from the CuisinArt (you…Read More

Take Me Back to The Dune: Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, Anguilla

Best Caribbean Beach Bars

A trip to Anguilla is not complete without a stop at Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve. We first visited in 2007, and although our kids were young, ages 8 and 10, we forced them to stay up late so we could hear Bankie play. The place has such a relaxed feel to it, that it’s hard to pass up.  It’s kind…Read More

Top Ten Irie Moments of 2014

We travel over Thanksgiving and every year give thanks for all we have.  We find ourselves doing the same at the year’s end.  We are thankful for the wonderful people we have met and the great adventures we have had together.  Join us for our New Year’s Eve countdown of our top ten irie moments of 2014! #10  Learning New…Read More

Más Picante, Por Favor! Picante Caribbean Taqueria, Anguilla

Picante, Anguilla

We make a habit of visiting Picante on every visit to Anguilla, oftentimes twice each trip, and this trip was no exception.  If anything has changed since our last visit in 2010, it wasn’t the quality of the food or the friendly service.  Picante never disappoints. The margaritas are as I remembered them, just boozy enough, but not so much…Read More

Blanchard’s Beach Shack, Anguilla

Blanchard’s Beach Shack is a new addition to Meads Bay since our last visit in 2010. Blanchard’s flagship restaurant was well-known to us.  When I planned our first trip to Anguilla, I read “A Trip to the Beach” several times, and was familiar with the family’s journey to opening one of the best-known restaurants on the island.  The Beach Shack…Read More

#filmroadtrip: Road Test – Anguilla

We took the film on the road and the results are back.  We took the film cameras to Anguilla, the Canon 1V and the Mamiya Pro TL.  We took a variety of film stocks, Fuji 400H, Kodak Portra 400, Porta 160, and Ektar 100.  We experimented and burned a lot of film.  Many lessons were learned.  Here are my impressions…Read More

A Great Time to Be On Anguilla: Video Release of Omari Banks’ “No Point to Prove”

Fortune smiled upon us as we happened to be on Anguilla at the same time as the video release of Omari Banks’ new single “No Point to Prove,” featuring Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage. If you’ve been to Anguilla, you no doubt know Omari Banks.  He is the son of Bankie Banx, an Anguillan legend, and it’s clear that the…Read More

Just Back from Anguilla!

We’re back from a very restful stay at the CuisinArt Resort on the beautiful island of Anguilla.  This was our fourth trip to the island, and our second stay at the CuisinArt.  The resort is located on Rendezvous Bay with views of Ste. Maarten/St. Martin in the distance.  This two-mile stretch of beach is great for beach walkers, and those…Read More

Our Best of the Caribbean

Best Caribbean

After traveling around the Caribbean for a few years, we are regularly asked about what is the best resort, best beach, best restaurant, etc.  We have a long way to go in our travels through the islands, but these places have impressed us over the years.  Enjoy this list of “our best” of the Caribbean, from the best rum punch,…Read More

Is That Sand Really Pink?

If you read our posts on Eleuthera, you can tell that we loved the pink sand.   I had seen many photos of French Leave Beach and Harbour Island before our visit and some looked a bit unreal – – almost a cotton candy hue.  I suspected that many of these images are the result of a heavy hand on…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Picante Margarita, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

Our trips to Anguilla would not be complete without at stop at Picante, and a pitcher, or two, of their delicious margaritas.  For more on why we love Picante, read our report here. For margaritas at home, my favorite recipe comes from north of the border, from Rick Bayless, famous for his restaurants, Topolobampo and Frontera Grill in Chicago.  Rick’s…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: SandBar Rum, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

Almost too pretty to drink are the flavored rums at SandBar, located in Sandy Ground, on the island of Anguilla.  Perfect to accompany the tasty small plates of 4-Diamond Award winning Executive Chef Denise Carr, formerly the Executive Chef at Cusinart Resort and Spa, who in 2007 she managed the National Culinary Team of Anguilla.  She and her husband, Lenox “Joash”…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Pyrat Rum, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

Today’s Spirits of the Caribbean is a bit of a blast from the past.  You will see Pyrat Rum in your liquor store or local watering hole, but you won’t see the Pyrat Rum plant on Anguilla anymore.  Years ago, there was a Pyrat Rum blending and bottling plant on Anguilla, located in Sandy Ground, offering tours of the facility.…Read More

Spirits of the Caribbean: Smokey’s Rum Punch, Anguilla

Today, we start a new series, “Spirits of the Caribbean,” with our favorite rum punch, found at Smokey’s at the Cove, Cove Bay, Anguilla. Read about why Smokey’s is one of our favorite beach bars here, and stay tuned for your daily spirit!   All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Wood-Fired Pizza

I love the fresh seafood and local dishes when traveling to the Caribbean.  However, after a while, I get a taste for something different or a taste of home.  When on Anguilla, a great stop is Madeariman’s, where you not only have a selection of great French dishes, but you can have your favorite pizza, baked in the wood-fired oven.…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: BBQ Chicken

Chicken and pork dishes are very common in the islands, but everyone has a slightly different interpretation.  Pictured above is the BBQ chicken at Smokey’s at the Cove, on the island of Anguilla.  The sauce is not thick and sweet, but instead is light and tangy.  Order it along with a Red Stripe, and you have the perfect meal to…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Escargot

The influence of the French is strong in the islands, even in the British islands.  This plate of escargot in garlic cream sauce was found at Madeariman’s, located on Shoal Bay in Anguilla.  Shoal Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the islands, the perfect setting in which to enjoy Madeariman’s offerings, including fish soup, mussels, scallops, and…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Churros

Taste of the Caribbean isn’t limited to traditional foods from the islands.  We have encountered many other foods there which are worth a stop on your travels. One of those places is Picante, a Mexican restaurant on the island of Anguilla.  The churros pictured above were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect with the accompanying caramel…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Pain du Chocolat

Good morning!  Bonjour! Taste of the Caribbean embraces the French influence in the islands this morning, with the Pain du Chocolat, found at Geraud’s Patisserie on the island of Anguilla.  Look at all those layers!  I only wish Geraud’s would open a Wisconsin location! For more on our trips to Anguilla, including loads of delicious food, read our trip reports!…Read More

Taste of the Caribbean: Anguillan Breakfast

Today we’re serving up an authentic Anguillan breakfast, complete with whole fried fish and johnnycakes.  This dish was served to us at Anacaona Boutique Hotel, located on Meads Bay in Anguilla, one of the best hotel bargains on the island.  On Thursday nights, Anacaona serves up an Anguillan buffet along with a performance of the Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre, a show of…Read More

Top Ten Things To Do in the Caribbean

Time to daydream a bit.  When work gets a bit dull, it’s easy to glide over to Facebook or Twitter, and think about what you would rather be doing right now.  If you really had to narrow it down to a list, and put them in order of priority, what makes your top ten?  Here’s our list: #10  Cocktails and…Read More

Images! in up! Magazine!

If you happen to be flying out of Canada, and happen to be flying West Jet Airlines this month, check our our images, included in features on the Queen Conch and Anguilla.  You will see our image of a conch salad from Da Conch Shack, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, and our image of SandBar, Meads Bay, Anguilla.  If you…Read More

Feel at Home at Meads Bay Beach Villas, Anguilla

We have visited Anguilla three times, in 2007, 2009, and 2010. We stayed at The CuisinArt the first year, Meads Bay Beach Villas in 2009, and Anacaona in 2010. Meads Bay Beach Villas had the most luxurious accommodations, hands down. The four villas are staggered back from the beach, so Villa #1 is right on the beach and #2 is…Read More

Collector’s Item: Anguilla’s Pyrat Rum

I noticed these as I was cleaning up the kitchen (yeah, it happens, Father’s Day and maybe my husband’s birthday).  The discovery brought both a smile and a bit of sadness, as the Pyrat Rum factory on Anguilla is no more. Gone is my favorite orange-flavored rum, Savage.  You can still get Pyrat Rum, but you won’t find the factory…Read More

Traveling With Your Special Needs Child

Wendy G. Gunderson

Our family loves to travel, but there was a time when we wondered if it was something that we could do.  Our son has been diagnosed with expressive-receptive disorder, which impairs his ability to communicate and understand language.  Because of this, verbal control wasn’t always an available option.  You might physically have to demonstrate something or stop him from doing…Read More

Paradise Found at The Cuisinart Resort, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

We first traveled to Anguilla in 2007.  When we arrived, the sun had set at Blowing Point Harbour.  By the time we arrived at our destination, the Cuisinart Resort, it was dark outside.  We awoke the next morning to a spectacular sunrise over St. Martin, which you will see in the image above.  The Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa, the…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Smokey’s, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

When I first started writing the series on my favorite beach bars, Smokey’s at the Cove, Cove Bay, Anguilla, was at the top of my list.  I have waited to write this, only because I feared not being able to do it justice.  Smokey’s was the bar that made me fall in love with the Caribbean.  There was something about…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Gwen’s Reggae Grill, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

I had heard about Gwen’s Reggae Grill before our first trip to Anguilla in 2007, but we didn’t actually make it there until 2009.  Gwen’s is located somewhat apart from the hustle and bustle of bars and restaurants that you immediately see when you arrive at Shoal Bay East, a gorgeous stretch of sand and water on Anguilla’s north coast. …Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Sand Bar, Anguilla

Wendy G. Gunderson

I’ve said many times that the Anguilla Guide Forum never steers me wrong.  It’s a great resource on travel to Anguilla, where to stay, where to eat, and pretty much everything you need to know and more about travel to the island.  After our 2009 trip, the forum was buzzing with talk about a new place in Sandy Ground called…Read More

Favorite Beach Bars: Dune Preserve, Anguilla

©Wendy G. Gunderson - All Rights Reserved. Any use without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

The secret is out.  Well, it wasn’t really a secret.  You don’t get the honor of #1 Beach Bar in the World without having been noticed by a few people.  When we first visited Anguilla in November of 2007, we stayed at the Cuisinart Resort, just steps from the best beach bar in the world, Dune Preserve.  We learned of…Read More

$1US = $2.70EC Eastern Caribbean and US Dollars

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of eight of the nine members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.  Those countries include Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The exception is the British Virgin Islands, whose official currency is the U.S. dollar.  We have been…Read More

Taking it Easy at Smokey’s

Smokey’s at the Cove, Anguilla, serves up great food and drink, and on Saturday’s all that comes with the music of The Musical Brothers.  To find out why Smokey’s is one of our favorite beach bars, read on… SaveSave All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries…Read More

Join the Party at Anacaona, Meads Bay, Anguilla

On Thursday nights at Anacaona Boutique Hotel, Meads Bay, Anguilla, you can enjoy an Anguillan buffet along with a performance of the Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre, a show of stories and songs portraying the history of the island.  In this scene, the topic is the influence of rum!  Anacaona recently announced the addition of a new show, “The Night of Dance,”…Read More

Anguilla Heritage Trail

Opening in June of 2010, the Anguilla Heritage Trail was a joint project supported by the Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS), the Anguilla National Trust (ANT), the Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB), the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association (AHTA) and individual and corporate donors.  The trail consists of ten stops around the island of historical significance, designated by a marker of…Read More

Hydroponic Vegetables at the Cuisinart, Anguilla

Dr. Howard Resh explains how to grow so many great fresh vegetables and herbs in the regular sun and heat on Anguilla.  All that sun is great when you are on the beach with a drink in your hand, but extreme temperatures make it difficult to maintain a crop.  Cuisinart operates a hydroponic farm where they grow vegetables and herbs in…Read More

What Waves Look Like With a Neutral Density Filter

Taken in front of the beach at The Viceroy, Meads Bay, Anguilla, November 2010, using the 77mm Fader ND Mark II filter.  For more on the filters in my bag, read here… SaveSave SaveSave All words and images ©2006-2017 Wendy G. Gunderson. Any use without written permission is prohibited. For licensing information, please send inquiries via the Contact page.