One great thing about staying at the Four Seasons on Nevis is that there are great beach bars located a short walk from the resort.  We arrived on Nevis just as the sun was setting, and after changing clothes, we headed out in search of something to eat.  We had started the day with a 3:00 a.m. wakeup call and a 5:40 a.m. flight out of Chicago.  By the time we hit Nevis, we were ready for dinner and an early bedtime.  We started walking south (counterclockwise if you look at Nevis as a clock face), and ran into a string of bars.  However, it was dark by then, and we couldn’t see which was which.  We blindly made our choice, and found ourselves at the famous Sunshine’s Beach Bar, and relaxed with a few Killer Bees, Sunshine’s signature drink.  For the full story on Sunshine’s, I devoted an entire page to it and my encounter with three Killer Bees. You can read all the details here…

So that you’re not in the dark on the bars of Pinney’s beach, here’s the layout.  As you walk south from the Four Seasons, the first place you will encounter is this place, the name I was never able to learn.  It was always busy, although you weren’t seeing any tourists there.

Pinneys Beach Bar-1

The next stop along the way, set back from the beach, is Lime Cafe.  I’ve heard wonderful things about the food there, but it’s not open for dinner, and with the big breakfasts at the Four Seasons, we didn’t have many lunch opportunities.

The very next place is Chevy’s.  We had dinner at Chevy’s one night, and I have to say that Chevy’s chicken wings were the best I’ve ever tasted.  They were spicy, but not enough to blast your tastebuds into oblivion.  Chevy greeted us and we invited him to have a seat, enjoying a long talk.  One thing I really loved about Nevis is that the owners greet you personally and are glad to share a story.  Chevy was great to talk to, and described how he developed the wing flavorings and the time he put into it.  Unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to get the recipe, but I’m going to keep working on it!

Just past Chevy’s, is Sunshine’s.

Then walk a bit farther.  With just a little longer walk, you will see Double Deuce.

Our dinner at Double Deuce was amazing.  Check out the grilled wahoo, garlic shrimp, and the barbecue ribs!

 As we are finishing our meal that night, a party of six was seated and immediately ordered the burgers.  We caught a glimpse of the burgers as they were brought out, and we were determined to return to get one.  When we returned, we didn’t even consult the menu board, instead ordering three burgers, until we were told that they were out of burgers for the night.

This line is where DD Burger once was…

The disappointment on our faces and in our voices was pretty apparent, so our server checked in the kitchen, and they had enough to make two burgers!  You have never seen anyone so happy to order a burger.  We rounded it out with an order of ribs, and had a great meal.  The only reason you don’t see a photo of the burger is that it had no chance to be photographed before being devoured.  Don’t miss out!  Go early or call ahead.  It’s totally worth the effort!

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