Our first stop on our 2011 trip to Nevis was Sunshine’s, a Nevis institution and home to the famous “Killer Bee.”  This trip would be no different, except this time I would avoid the sting that follows consuming three of those delicious rum concoctions.

 After a long day of traveling, beginning at 2:00 a.m. Nevis time, there was no question as to what we would be doing that evening.  Things have changed a bit in the six years since our last visit, but Sunshine’s hospitality and the great food and drink have not.

For first timers, I would recommend that you definitely try the jerk chicken and the ribs.  If you love Caribbean lobster, the lobster salad is amazing, accompanied by a mound of fresh greens and vegetables.  If you’re lucky enough to be there when they have conch fritters, don’t hesitate.  Order those before they run out.   In addition to my “Killer Bee,” I tried the “Refreshing,” a mix of rum, ting and cranberry juice which was true to its name.  It was perfect on a hot afternoon.  I also noticed that added to the menu was a “Bottle of Killer Bee to Go,”  a nice option for those who have to make the journey back to St. Kitts (or down Pinney’s Beach to the Four Seasons).

Working the bar this visit was Chilly,  who mixed up our cocktails and shared a tale or two, along with that fantastic smile.

Comparing images from our 2011 visits to today, Sunshine’s has really expanded.  There is a new deck off the main restaurant and a large outside bar.  The expansion was no doubt necessary to account for the day trippers making the journey over from St. Kitts.

I remarked to Sunshine how different everything was since our last visit, showing him the photographs from our last trip.  He replied, “Well, it’s time to get some new photos!” as he put his arm around me in a hug.  That is the best part of visiting Sunshine’s.  It’s not just the great food and drinks or the relaxing atmosphere. It is Sunshine’s genuine warmth and friendly nature which keeps us coming back again and again.

Time to mark our visit, as have so many travelers before us, by sharing a team flag, posting a photo taken with Sunshine, or marking the walls with their names.  We certainly won’t be the last.

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