Join us as we travel with film on our Film Road Trip, #FilmRoadTrip, exploring with our old school film cameras.  With posts from the Caribbean and closer to home (via our sister site, W photography), we try out different film stocks, cameras and lenses, to slow down and enjoy photography a bit more.  We play with a friend’s Mamiya C330, and our own Canon Elan 7n, and then move on to the Canon 1v and the Mamiya 645M (with the fastest medium format lens ever, the Mamiya 80mm f/1.9).  We test out Fuji 400H, Ektar 100, the new Portra 400, and more.  Come enjoy the fun that comes without the instant gratification offered by digital technology!

  • Sous Vide-3
  • Favorite Film Stocks
  • Meta35
  • Film Road Trip: Antigua & Barbuda
  • anguilla ektar-1
  • Canon EOS1v-1-3
  • Film Road Trip: Anguilla
  • Kamalame Cay Bahamas-6
  • Nevis Allure L-19
  • double exp square-1
  • #FilmRoadTrip
  • Trying Old Things: Film
  • Film Fling Part 1: First Shots
  • Film Fling Part 2: Prints
  • Film Fling Part 3: Action!
  • Film Road Trip: Packing for Anguilla
  • Book Page

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