In our Nevis trip report, we settle in for a stay at the luxurious Four Seasons Nevis located on Pinney’s Beach.  In Part Two, we take a stroll down the beach to the famous Sunshine’s for their “Killer Bee,” a rum punch with a tremendous sting!  We take a drive into town for Part Three’s visit to Rodney’s Cuisine, for a delicious and authentic meal by Rodney Elliott herself.  In Part Four, we head back to Pinney’s Beach to explore all the wonderful beach bars which are just a short walk away from the Four Seasons.  We get a workout on our hike along the Source Trail with our guide, Sheldon, in Part Five.  We take a scenic history lesson as we travel along the Nevis Heritage Trail, exploring sugar mills, forts, and historic churches.  Finally, in Part Seven, we visit the New Castle Pottery and along the way find some unexpected treasures.  Join us for the ride!

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